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Kisumu Impala Sanctuary Measures just 0.4 square miles (1.0 km2), the sanctuary is one of Kenya's smallest wildlife preserves. As its name suggests, it is home to a herd of impala. Some hippos, as well as many reptiles and birds are also present. Additionally, several caged baboons and leopards who faced difficulties of one sort or the other in the wild are held in cages there. Over 115 different species of birds live there.


It is a tourist attraction and the site was gazetted in 1992.[1] It is located 3 kilometers from Kisumu town which is in Kisumu county in the western part of Kenya near lake Victoria.[2] The sanctuary hosts leopards,hippos, hyenas, the threatened Sitatunga, olive baboons and vervet monkeys.It has grazing lands for numerous small mammals and it supports a variety of reptiles and birds species.[3]It is gazetted by the Kenyan government as part of the south western tourist circuit. The other four tourist circuits in Kenya are; south eastern tourist circuit, western tourist circuit, north tourist circuit and the mid-northern tourist circuit.[4]
The sanctuary covers an approximated area on 1 km-square and it is home to a record 115 species.[2]. There is an orphanage at the center of the sanctuary where cheetahs, lions, leopard, bush duikers, baboons, bush buck, hyena, jackals, and buffaloes are caged.[1]



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