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A WikiAngel assists a newcomer.

WikiAngels are very old mythical WikiCreatures, very active and highly respected editors of bygone eras, who have since retreated to a higher plane of existence, no longer actively editing, but still watching over both the encyclopedia and the community.

WikiAngels are like guardian angels. They were once active editors, but they now only edit occasionally when they find the need to help out. For example, WikiAngels occasionally revert vandalism, assist newcomers, help resolve conflicts, or perform WikiGnome-like edits. If they're an administrator, they occasionally block vandals, help clean up the speedy deletion candidates and patrol WP:RFPP.

How to identify WikiAngels[edit]

A WikiAngel who wishes to identify him/herself may add this userbox to their user page:

{{User wikipedia/WikiAngel}}

Face-angel.svg This user is a WikiAngel.