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Temporal range: Early 2011
Gato Cat.jpg
A WikiCat looking for pages to pounce upon
Scientific classification
F. wikipediensus
Binomial name
Felis Wikipediensus
YiFeiBot, 2014
Range shown in white

Not to be confused with the WikiKitten

A WikiCat, or Felinis wikipediensus, is an editor who edits for satisfactory needs, not unlike a WikiSloth. Much unlike the WikiSloth, a WikiCat often edits for a personal goal, which is usually to become a Catministrator or bureauCat. A WikiCat's editing style will be frantic, making as many edits as possible and correcting everything, the exact opposite of WP:DGAF. Many WikiCats enjoy working alone, while some befriend many editors through the use of purring. Of all the fauna of Wikipedia, only WikiCats and WikiKittens are able to purr, or win the hearts of users under their guise of innocence and cuteness. WikiCats have been known to transform into WikiSloths and WikiPumas.

WikiCats can be very possessive of an article...
...but can also get carried away with their editing.

Many WikiCats stalk the vicinity of the pages they are about to edit before they pounce. WikiCats will do whatever they need in order to achieve their goals, and will often inflate their edit count with small pointless edits, such as a minor re-wording of a sentence. As this type of editing takes much energy, WikiCats take frequent catnaps, often without warning. In addition to purring, WikiCats have sharp claws with which they defend their edits. Many WikiCats enjoy the occasional WikiTrout. Once an catmin or crat, a WikiCat may transform into a WikiSloth, being laid back and calm, as their goal has been reached. However, after years of being a WikiCat, some users maintain their frantic editing style even after becoming an catmin or crat. As being a WikiCat can sometimes come with a bad reputation, those who want to advertise their status as one may do so with this discreet topicon. Just put a {{WikiCat topicon}} on your page and this small cat Cat silhouette.svg will appear on the top right corner of your userpage. A userbox is available for the non-scaredy cat. Just add {{Wikicat}} or {{User wikipedia/WikiCat}} to your userbox section.

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