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Not to be confused with the WikiKitten

Temporal range: Early 2011
Gato Cat.jpg
A WikiCat looking for pages to pounce upon
Scientific classification
F. wikipediensus
Binomial name
Felis Wikipediensus
YiFeiBot, 2014
Range shown in white

A WikiCat, or Felinis wikipediensus, is an editor who edits for satisfactory needs, not unlike a WikiSloth. Much unlike the WikiSloth, a WikiCat often edits for a personal goal, which could be to recategorize the world, to bury their droppings in the letterbox, or to become one of those bureaucats who likes chats.

A WikiCat's editing style will often be frenzied, tangling everything up as much as possible before losing interest, the approximate opposite of WP:DGAF. WikiCats enjoy working alone, but have been known to befriend editors through the use of purring. Largitudinal studies (I think it was) have shown that WikiCats can, with age and proper care, become WikiSloths or WikiPumas.

WikiCats can be very possessive of an article...
...but can also get carried away with their editing.
Another WikiCat preparing an "edit"

Many WikiCats stalk the vicinity of pages they plan to pounce and have been known, under pressure, to puff up their edit counters to make it seem like they are bigger than they are. As this type of typing takes much energy, WikiCats take frequent catnaps, often without warning. In addition to purring, WikiCats will have sharp claws and are prone to accidents. They love trout, and herring, which are plentiful inside co-flounder Wales' bellyful of infoboxers.

Being a WikiCat comes with a bad reputation among good gardeners, so you should advertise, warning others with this minor branding (don't worry: it only really hurts while it's hot). Just put a {{WikiCat topicon}} on your page and this small black chat Cat silhouette.svg will hang in the top right corner of your userpage. You should be aware that the boldest wikiCats now have (bot-scooped) userboxen. Just add {{Wikicat}} or {{User wikipedia/WikiCat}} to your user-page.