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Round 5[edit]

FA: 100 points[edit]

  1. 509th Composite Group Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/509th Composite Group/archive1
  2. Enrico Fermi Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Enrico Fermi/archive1 (5.2x multiplier)
  3. Niels Bohr Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Niels Bohr/archive1 (5.2x multiplier)

GA: 30 points[edit]

  1. Britt Dillmann Talk:Britt Dillmann/GA1
  2. Shelley Chaplin Talk:Shelley Chaplin/GA1
  3. Project Camel Talk:Project Camel/GA1
  4. Paul Tibbets Talk:Paul Tibbets/GA1 (2x multiplier)
  5. Ernest Lawrence Talk:Ernest Lawrence/GA1 (3x multiplier)
  6. Harold Urey Talk:Harold Urey/GA1 (2.8x multiplier)
  7. Amber Merritt Talk:Amber Merritt/GA1
  8. Katie Hill Talk:Katie Hill/GA1
  9. Little Boy Talk:Little Boy/GA1 (2.8x multiplier)
  10. John Lansdale, Jr. Talk:John Lansdale, Jr./GA1
  11. Amanda Carter Talk:Amanda Carter/GA1
  12. Annika Zeyen Talk:Annika Zeyen/GA1
  13. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Talk:Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki/GA1 (3x multiplier)
  14. Fat Man Talk:Fat Man/GA1 (2.6x multiplier)
  15. George T. Reynolds Talk:George T. Reynolds/GA1
  16. Hugh Bradner Talk:Hugh Bradner/GA1
  17. Maria Goeppert-Mayer Talk:Maria Goeppert-Mayer/GA1 (2.8x multiplier)
  18. Australian Voluntary Hospital Talk:Australian Voluntary Hospital/GA1
  19. Harold Agnew Talk:Harold Agnew/GA1

FL: 45 points[edit]

FP: 35 points[edit]

FPO: 35 points[edit]

FT: 10 points per article in topic[edit]

  1. South West Pacific Area (command) Wikipedia:Featured topic candidates/Command in the South West Pacific Area/archive2
    1. Daniel E. Barbey
    2. Frank Berryman
    3. Thomas Blamey
    4. George Brett
    5. Arthur S. Carpender
    6. Ralph Christie
    7. Robert L. Eichelberger
    8. Edmund Herring
    9. George Kenney
    10. Thomas C. Kinkaid
    11. Walter Krueger
    12. Douglas MacArthur
    13. Iven Mackay
    14. Leslie Morshead
    15. John Northcott
    16. Sydney Rowell
    17. Stanley Savige
    18. Frederick Scherger
    19. St. Clair Streett
    20. Vernon Sturdee
    21. Kenneth Walker
    22. Ennis Whitehead
    23. Paul Wurtsmith

GT: 3 points per article in topic[edit]

DYK: 5 or 10 points[edit]

  1. Project Camel Template:Did you know nominations/Project Camel (5 extra base points)
  2. Joel Stebbins Template:Did you know nominations/Joel Stebbins (5 extra base points)
  3. George T. Reynolds Template:Did you know nominations/George T. Reynolds
  4. Lawrence H. Johnston Template:Did you know nominations/Lawrence H. Johnston (5 extra base points)
  5. Gerald Kron Template:Did you know nominations/Gerald Kron (5 extra base points)
  6. John Lansdale, Jr. Template:Did you know nominations/John Lansdale, Jr. (5 extra base points)
  7. Edward Higgins White, Sr. Template:Did you know nominations/Edward Higgins White, Sr. (5 extra base points)
  8. Raemer Schreiber Template:Did you know nominations/Raemer Schreiber (5 extra base points)
  9. John Triscari Template:Did you know nominations/John Triscari

ITN: 10 points[edit]

GAR: 4 points[edit]