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The WikiCyclops' singular focus results in both great powers and great weaknesses.
A Nordic cave painting of a WikiCyclops using its laser-focus on a single Wikipedia topic

A WikiCyclops is an editor that generally focuses on one thing at a time. While a WikiCyclops roams from topic to topic or from page to page, at any given time they generally have one "major focus" that they devote the bulk of their time to. The result are contributions which are deep but narrow.

Dependence on others[edit]

The WikiCyclops is weak at multitasking. Without the help of other Wikifauna, the WikiCyclops's work is vulnerable to WikiEntropy – the slow degradation of content quality over time. For this reason, the WikiCyclops is utterly dependent upon various Defenders of the Wiki: creatures like the WikiGiant and the WikiGoon.

The WikiCyclops's focus may not extend to article beauty, properly formatting references, or other "less-meaty" aspects of Wikipedia. For this reason, the WikiCyclops is utterly dependent on the most benevolent creatures in the Wikiverse: WikiGnomes, WikiFairies, and WikiElves.

Comparison to other fauna[edit]

Of all the fauna native to Wikipedia, the WikiCyclops bears the most similarities to the critically endangered WikiDragon and the WikiPuma. Like the WikiDragon and WikiPuma, the WikiCyclops may make "major, bold enhancements, based on their vast knowledge or a long night of googling for references."

But whereas the WikiDragons are governed by the principal element of Fire, the WikiCyclops is governed by the element of Earth. This makes them slower, more plodding than the bold, fast-moving WikiDragons. While WikiDragons, natural breathers of flame, are a potential fire hazard, the WikiCyclops is less prone to flamewars.

The WikiPumas are governed by the element of air, and therefore is also faster than the WikiCyclops, however the WikiPuma is afraid of flame and therefore, like the WikiCyclops, is not prone to flame wars. The major differences, however, is that the WikiPuma is a skilled multitasker and able to edit multiple articles at a time, and does not suffer WikiEntropy. All of the WikiPuma's quality problems can be solved with a bit of rest and relaxation. They also sometimes see the little things because of incredible sight, unlike the WikiCyclops.