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A WikiDee picking out minute mistakes from an article.

A WikiDee is an observant editor resembling a dwarf species of WikiEagle. WikiDees flit from one article to another finding and correcting previously unnoticed errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, or formatting. Their name was derived from one who barely audibly thought aloud while correcting spelling errors involving the letter D: "Wiki-D-D. Wiki-D-D-D." As WikiDees quickly move on to investigate other articles, their cheerful persistence at this helpful behavior inspires collaboration among other WikiFauna to continue improving Wikipedia.

WikiDees are among the more recently discovered WikiFauna. WikiDees seem to have been attracted to Wikipedia by a quest for knowledge, and their population may be increasing as Wikipedia becomes more widely recognized as a reference. Some taxonomists suggest WikiDees are nymphs who may mature into other WikiFauna, such as the behaviorally similar WikiGnome.

English Wikipedia is inhabited by both Old World and New World WikiDees, and by several subspecies and hybrids. Some behavioral differences have been observed; and a few WikiDees mark their territory with Varieties of English templates.

Any WikiFauna, including other subspecies of WikiDee, failing to recognize these territorial markings may be perceived as WikiDodos. Territorial disputes among dissimilar species of WikiDee may cause one to behave like a WikiBadger and the other like a WikiTroll; although it may be difficult to discern which role either WikiDee has assumed as the feathers start to fly. A WikiDee focused on territorial markings may metamorphose into a WikiKing.


Wikipedians may publicize their WikiDee-like behavior by adding a userbox to their userpage with the following code:


It produces:

This user is a Wikidee