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A WikiElf at play

WikiElf is a broad term for a user who in various degrees works behind the scenes at Wikipedia. WikiElves work on user problems like RfA, RFCN, and AfD. Some also work on creating templates and making new articles. WikiElves are usually friendly creatures, except when they are attacked personally for their edits. WikiElves promote peaceful interactions between Wikipedians, like WikiGnomes and WikiFairies.

WikiElves come in all shapes and sizes. They often interact with WikiGnomes and WikiFairies but do not request credit for their hard work. They have similarities to Metapedians. There are many different kinds of WikiElves.

WikiElves can sometimes possess the abilities of WikiEagles, as seen in the famous works of J.R.R. Tolkien when Aragorn asks Legolas "Legolas, what do your elven eyes see?".

Types of WikiElves[edit]

WikiElves prefer peace among Wikipedians.
  • WikiElf – This is the normal WikiElf who covers all kinds of behind the scene projects. They do not focus on one issue or idea.
  • CreatorElf – This WikiElf creates new pages, categories, and templates.
  • PeopleElf – This WikiElf works on people projects like WP:RfA and WP:RFCN.
  • DeleteElf – This WikiElf participates in deletion processes for templates, categories, and articles.
  • ExpandElf – This WikiElf works on articles that have been tagged for speedy deletion. They try to prevent the article's deletion by adding information.
  • ProtectElf – This WikiElf participates in protecting and unprotecting pages. It lurks around WP:RFPP.

How to identify WikiElves[edit]

If you would like to advertise your WikiElven qualities (in which case you may want to reevaluate your WikiElf identity) on your userpage, you can add the handy WikiElf userbox, which lets other fauna on Wikipedia know when they have spotted a WikiElf: {{User wikipedia/WikiElf}} or some other type of WikiElf: {{User wikipedia/WikiTypeElf}}. Another way for a WikiElf to identify oneself is to display a special coat of arms at the top of the page next to the User's name. The following code should produce a shield bearing an elf's hat at the top of the page {{Wikipedia:WikiElf/topicon}}. To make use of the two optional parameters, the horizontal and vertical positions respectively, the default coordinates are (30, 8). You can also add yourself to the WikiElf category like so: [[Category:Wikipedian WikiElves|{{PAGENAME}}]].