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The WikiFun Police[edit]
The Grand Smiley is watching you...

The WikiFun Police, often abbreviated WFP, is a group devoted to helping cleanup, reorganize, and rehumorize projects and pages under the Department of Fun, including any with the {{humour}} or {{Humorantipolicy}} tags. Scope can also include other fun articles that, although within other projects, may need attention, such as The Game (mind game) and Chuck Norris facts. For a complete list of WikiFun Police articles, see Category:WikiFun Police articles.

The WFP is not the same as the Department of Fun, but supports them and upholds their goals, similar to what a WikiProject does for its specific topic. All of the actions and morals of the WikiFun Police are governed by their humble overseer and idol, The Grand Smiley.

If you have a request for something the WikiFun Police could do, please post it at the requests page. All articles that are already within the project are have the {{WikiProject Fun}} tag on them.

In August 2010, the WikiFun Police ascended from the mixed ashes of the Wikipedia Fun Police (a group "dedicated to eliminating all traces of fun and enjoyment from Wikipedia") and the Anti-Fun Police (a group "dedicated to proving...that fun is one of the main essences of Wikipedia"). Now, with a completely different set of beliefs, the WikiFun police will achieve their eternal goal: to dominate infuse Wikipedia with fun.
A list of WikiFun Police members can be found here.

WikiFun Police officers are just normal Wikipedians who have pledged their lifelong loyalty to The Grand Smiley enjoy humor and wish to improve it on Wikipedia. Everybody is welcome, and encouraged, to join! Members must follow but one rule: to follow the Core Philosophy, to the best of their ability, in their everyday edits. It is also important that members see the value of the Department of Fun, and why it is necessary.

Contrary to popular belief, the WikiFun Police actually does have a real purpose, and members do have a real role in the project. The WFP needs a wide range of skills, from graphics editing to grammar knowledge. If you have any special abilities or interests, or are just interested in the cause, please consider joining us!

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All members should put the WFP userbox ({{User:UBX/WikiFun Police}}) on their userpage. Why? Because userboxes are fun. We wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to make our userpages fun, now would we?

Now, you ask "What if I'm not proud to be a member of the WikiFun Police?" Fear not! We don't blame you for not wanting to be associated with us, so there's a more discreet userbox for you to use: {{User:UBX/WikiProject Asparagus}}.

You know what else is fun? Top icons. As a matter of fact, here's one now:
{{User:EWikist/WikiFun Police/WikiFun Police Topicon}}

This page contains material which is kept because it is considered humorous. Please do not take it seriously.
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To Do[edit]
Here's a list of things to do for the WikiFun Police. Non-members who wish to request a task should head over to the requests page to request an article for maintenance or coverage.

Want something else to do? Check out the Department of Fun's assignments list for other fun-related tasks!

Especially active, productive, and good spirited members of the WikiFun Police can be awarded the WikiFun Police Chief Barnstar:

WikiFun Police Barnstar.png WikiFun Police Chief
This user has shown incredible diligence for improving humorous articles, respect for the Grand Smiley, devotion to the WikiFun Police, and all-around coolness, and is thus awarded the WikiFun Police Chief Barnstar!