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A WikiHobbit considering where he should wander next to edit.

WikiHobbits have often been reading and editing Wikipedia for years, quite content to ignore and be ignored by the world of WikiDrama – Wikipedia being, after all, full of strange POV pushers and vandals beyond count. WikiHobbits must seem of little importance, being neither renowned as great warriors nor counted among the overachievers. In fact, it has been remarked that WikiHobbits' only real WikiPassion is for reading Wikipedia – a rather unfair observation, as many have made substantial contributions to uncontroversial topics and some are quite prolific in their highly specialised areas, where they are safe from trolls and dragons. But where their hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet and a stable, high-quality article, for all WikiHobbits share a love for Wikipedia's mission. And yes, no doubt to others their ways seem quaint, but it is no bad thing to celebrate a simple WikiLife.

WikiHobbit, then, is a positive descriptor for editors who express qualities of hobbits as described in the classic work The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. These qualities of course undergo transformation via appearance in the Wikiverse, and the disposition of these qualities varies according to different commentators. In general, WikiHobbits exhibit a mild disposition, a tendency to express simple, almost childlike virtue in the face of daunting obstacles and even mean-spirited vandals and trolls. WikiHobbits, like WikiKnights, have a faith in the five pillars, but have a softer, more rounded approach.

Like others, they can be tempted by power and its rewards such as intellectual recognition by their peers, and thus must guard their purity of intention against egotism, ambition and craving for attention.


As plain, simple, practical folk, WikiHobbits rarely plaster their page with userboxes and templates broadcasting their identity. Sometimes the only reason they have userpages at all is because a well-meaning person a couple of years ago tried to leave them a message, and the page has since been blanked. Although, over the years a few WikiHobbits have wandered far from the Shire and have needed to identify themselves to the other WikiFauna with the {{User wikipedia/WikiHobbit}} Userbox.

Frodo CSC pic cropped.jpg This user is a WikiHobbit.

The best way to spot a WikiHobbit is if you've long noticed the person making edits here and there in your area of interest, possibly even interacted with them on talk pages, but never paid much attention to them. They've certainly never gone on any adventures or done anything that would cause a scandal. Unless of course their last name is Baggins...