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Princely Hat.svg
Typical attire used for the identification of a WikiKing although (beware) not visible through cyberspace

A WikiKing is a user that takes dramatic ownership of articles. The Wikipedia kingdom does not permit such behavior. Though confused with enthusiasts, WikiKings will demand the ownership and demand to receive it. The WikiKing is also the proud parent of the very spoiled WikiPrincess.

How a king is born[edit]

All kings were once WikiDragons, the legend tells us. Roaming the lands, searching for new realms to give aid to if needed. But then they encountered a giant realm so unuseful and so unattended, they felt the need to settle down, and work hard to make sure that it would prosper. Gone are now the carefree days of the past. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.


In order to be a WikiKing, one must exhibit at least two of the following symptoms:

  • Having a feeling of "owning" a WikiRealm, this is embodied by the feeling one should have the right to make a decision that everyone must obey in matters concerning it.
  • Serving as a WikiJanitor within the realm more diligently than on other pages.
  • Having a vast knowledge about the realm, a far greater knowledge than within other realms.
  • Having a vision about the realm, which is more ambitious or specific than on other realms.

Problems and opportunities[edit]

A WikiKing is a great asset for Wikipedia because of his determination. However, he is blinded by the love for his kingdom. Therefore he is seldom wise in his self appointed role as ruler. This might be a problem, because it can slow down progress in the WikiWorld. Thankfully, there are always WikiDragons and WikiKnights willing to challenge him.