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What is a WikiNomad?[edit]

A WikiNomad is a term for WikiFauna that will travel and change the WikiVillage or article that it normally sees or edits constantly whether or not it is an actual WikiFauna or just an attribute to a Wikipedia:WikiFauna that likes to change its location is still in debate. If one thinks they are a separate species one must state them as a hybrid of such due to their tenancy to prune and protect previous homes like WikiKnights and WikiGnomes/WikiFaries.

A group of WikiNomads traveling from one wikivillage to another

How to identify a WikiNomad[edit]

Behavior attributes to this include (but are not limited to) only making one or more edit to a page and hardly ever watching them. Or in completeness staying in one topic for long periods of time. Not to be confused with WikiOgres who will be dormant on all things for long stretches of time, the WikiNomad simply moves to a different article/topic. If one may like to identify themselves as such they may use this Userbox

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Code Result
{{Template:User wikipedia/Nomad}}
Saami Family 1900.jpg This user is a WikiNomad.

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There aren't currently any other sources of WikiNomads and it would help wikipedia by adding more.