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Temporal range: 2009–present
Duck billed platypus schnabeltier.jpg
WikiPlatypi inspecting an article.
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Monotremata
Family: Ornithorhynchidae
Genus: Ornithorhynchus
Species: O. wikiplatypus
Binomial name
Ornithorhynchus wikiplatypus
Range shown in white

A WikiPlatypus is a variety of Wikipedia fauna. Like the duck-billed platypus after which it is named, a WikiPlatypus has the features of several different kinds of Wikipedia fauna and is difficult to put into one group. It may spend some of its time acting, for example, like a WikiDragon, other times like a WikiKnight, a WikiSloth, WikiGnome, etc. A WikiPlatypus may look up to, and strive to be, one of the nobler creatures (such as a WikiSloth or WikiKnight) but just can't quite control itself well enough to keep its nose out of other areas.

Unlike the real platypus, the WikiPlatypus insists on having its name pluralized as WikiPlatypi, and not *WikiPlatypuses. This is because things are different on the wiki.

Relationship with WikiGryphons[edit]

Because of the fact that the behaviors of both WikiPlatypi and WikiGryphons are amalgamations of other WikiFauna, there is a theory that they are actually related; "kindred spirits" as one WikiPlatypus put it. However, the reasons for such behavior are vastly different. While WikiPlatypi do so because they simply cannot settle on which of the other WikiFauna they want to be (or fully identify with), WikiGryphons do so in order to adapt to a current situation.


Platypus head.png This user is a WikiPlatypus.

As of 19 November 2017, there are 38 identified WikiPlatypi. edit