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Context and Prizes[edit]

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Following on from the success of The Africa Destubathon in autumn 2016 in which brought over 2000 improvements for Africa, the Women in Red World Contest will be held for one month in November 2017. The contest has a focus on creating new biographies of women for every country on the planet and every field of occupation. It is all about diversity of content and widespread coverage and tackling systematic bias.

This sub-part of the contest focus more specifically on African feminists and is co-organized by Wiki Loves Women and Les sans pagEs.

As part of this contest:

  • only biographies of African feminists will be considered
  • biographies can be created from scratch, translated from another language, or improved from a stub (very short article) or reviewed/copyedited from already existing articles
  • lists are proposed below. However, feel free to add names to the list (if so, do try to make sure the person is notable enough to have a wikipedia article)
  • prices will go to the hardest working.
    • $140 ($50, $40, $30, $20) will go to the most articles created related to "women in Feminism, in Africa"
    • $60 ($40, $20) will go to the most articles destubbed/improved/reviewed related to "Women in Feminism, in Africa".

See Category:African_feminists



  • A total of 72 articles were created in English.
  • A total of 3 articles were improved in English.
  • 22 articles were translated to French; 1 was translated in Vietnamese and 1 in Portuguese

People rewarded for their participation

Record your Contribution[edit]

Articles about African feminists to be created in English or translated in English[edit]

Select an article to create from the missing list (also copied below) (it may be translated from another language) and list your created articles under your user name in a subsection below.


Here is my full list:

  1. South Sudan Rebecca Joshua Okwaci
  2. Comoros Sittou Raghadat Mohamed
  3. Guinea-Bissau Fátima Djarra Sani
  4. Sierra Leone Nemata Majeks-Walker
  5. Mauritius Radha Poonoosamy
  6. Botswana Imelda Molokomme
  7. Namibia Vida de Voss
  8. Liberia Korto Reeves Williams
  9. Senegal Marie-Angélique Savané
  10. Sudan Balghis Badri
  11. Central African Republic Tatiana Vivienne
  12. Libya Zahra' Langhi
  13. Togo Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson
  14. Burundi Stéphanie Mbanzendore
  15. Somalia Jawahir Roble
  16. Tunisia Sana Ben Achour
  17. Zimbabwe Everjoice Win
  18. Chad Dadji Rahamata Ahmat Mahamat
  19. Malawi Martha Kwataine
  20. Mali Fatoumata Coulibaly
  21. Burkina Faso Antoinette Ouédraogo
  22. Cameroon Anne Stella Fomumbod
  23. Ghana Dorcas Coker-Appiah
  24. Ivory Coast Vanessa Koutouan
  25. Mozambique Isabel Casimiro
  26. Morocco Amina Lemrini
  27. Uganda Hilda Tadria
  28. Algeria Sofia Djama
  29. Kenya Awino Okech
  30. Tanzania Salma Maoulidi
  31. Democratic Republic of the Congo Solange Lwashiga Furaha
  32. Egypt Laila Soueif
  33. Ethiopia Hilina Berhanu Degefa
  34. Nigeria Florence Ozor
  35. South Africa Ayanda Denge
  36. Equatorial Guinea Purificación Angue Ondo
  37. Rwanda Marie-Christine Gasingirwa
  38. Algeria Sofia Djama


  1. Ahlem Belhadj written by User:Dumelow
  2. Nahu Senay Girma, written by User:Dumelow
  3. Fedwa Misk written by User:Dumelow
  4. Ourida Chouaki written by User:Dumelow
  5. Fatou Kiné Camara written by User:Dumelow
  6. Irene Ovonji-Odida written by User:Dumelow
  7. Nelly Mbangu written by User:Dumelow
  8. Josephine Kulea written by User:Dumelow
  9. Alice Ouédraogo written by User:Dumelow
  10. Sokari Ekine written by Dumelow
  11. Akaliza Keza Gara, written by Dumelow
  12. Sibongile Ndashe written by Dumelow
  13. Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah written by Dumelow
  14. Mozn Hassan written by Dumelow
  15. Dawn Cavanagh


  1. Sandra Aguebor written by Darreg
  2. Adetowun Ogunsheye written by Darreg
  3. Salamat Ahuoiza Aliu written by Darreg
  4. Flora Suya written by Darreg
  5. Véro Tshanda Beya Mputu written by Darreg
  6. Tomilayo Adekanye written by Darreg
  7. Olaoluwa Abagun written by Darreg
  8. Joy Isi Bewaji written by Darreg
  9. Idiat Shobande by Darreg
  10. Abiola Odejide by Darreg
  11. Olanike Adeyemo by Darreg
  12. Foluke Daramola

User: Nattes à chat[edit]

  1. Souad Dibi translated from French by User:Nattes à chat
  2. Amandine Gay translated from French by User:Nattes à chat
  3. Khadidiatou Diallo trasnlated from French by User:Nattes à chat
  4. Jay Mulucha new article by User:Nattes à chat


  1. Talent Jumo, written by Miyagawa


  1. Judith Kanakuze


  1. Souad Bendjaballah

Articles about African feminists to be improved/reviewed/copyedited[edit]

Select an article to improve from the to be improved list or to be reviewed list and list the articles you worked on under your user name below.

A total of 3 articles were improved in English.



  • Rose Mbowa - Improved and destubbed. Readable prose from 1461 bytes to 2085 bytes.
  • Sylvia Tamale - Improved and copy edited, rescuing two dead references.

Articles about African feminists to be translated from English... to other languages[edit]

Select an article to improve in the lists provided in this page and list the articles you worked on under your user name below (no financial gifts for this one, just pleasure, unless we decide to change our minds about rules ;)))

22 articles were translated to French; 1 was translated in Vietnamese and 1 in Portuguese

User: Toyotsu[edit]

  1. Oyeronke Oyewumi translated from English to French by Toyotsu. Then translated in Portuguese
  2. Jennifer Radloff translated from English to French by Toyotsu
  3. Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula translated from English to French
  4. Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga translated from English to French
  5. Sylvia Tamale translated from English to French
  6. Ayesha Imam translated from English to French
  7. Fidelis Wainaina translated from English to French
  8. Nwando Achebe translated from English to French
  9. Judith Amaechi translated from English to French
  10. Elizabeth Adekogbe translated from English to French
  11. Naisula Lesuuda translated from English to French
  12. Valentine Rugwabiza translated from English to French
  13. Bilkisu Yusuf translated from English to French
  14. Obioma Nnaemeka translated from English to French

User: DeuxPlusQuatre[edit]

  1. Lady Skollie translated from English to French by DeuxPlusQuatre
  2. Khadidiatou Diallo by DeuxPlusQuatre

User: Nattes à chat[edit]

  1. African Feminist Forum translated into French by User:Nattes à chat
  2. Obioma Nnaemeka improved the translation from English to French
  3. Onejiru improved the translation from English to French


  1. Alexia Amesbury translated in French by Amqui

User: Janvierr[edit]

  1. Mmabatho Ramagoshi translated from English to French and Vietnamese by Janvierr

User: Viking59[edit]

  1. fr:Marie Thérèse Mukamulisa translated from English to French by Viking59

User: Papillonne[edit]

  1. Onejiru translated from English to French by Papillonne

User: Suzy1919[edit]

  1. Pauline Hopkins translated from English by Suzy1919

List of articles to work on[edit]

Articles about African feminists to be created in English[edit]

Biography more information
1 Zam Zam Abdullahi Abdi journalist, kenyan and somalian human right activist,
2 Alya Baffoun muslim feminist, psycho-sociologist and lecturer at the University of Tunis in Social Sciences
3 Alice Ouédraogo ex director of the ILO AIDS program
4 Ahlem Belhadj article exists in French: and Spanish
5 Sana Ben Achour Tunisian lecturer in public law, president of the association of democratic women in Tunis
7 Souad Dibi president of El Khir, Morrocco, article in French
8 Sokari Ekine Nigerian activist and blogger
9 Akachi Ezeigbo Nigerian novelist and lecturer
11 Amandine Gay Filmmaker, half-french half-moroccan article in French
12 Akaliza Keza Gara rwandan multimedia and web entrepreneur
13 Marie-Christine Gasingirwa Director General for Science, Technology and Research in the Ministry of Education in Rwanda
14 Nahu Senay Girma ethiopian founder of AWiB
15 AWiB African Women in Business (NGO)
16 Radhia Haddad
17 Mozn Hassan
18 Paula Saphir Helene
19 Roman Kifle
20 Dupe Killa
21 Mary Modupe Kolawole
22 Lilia Labidi
23 Mariam Lamizana
24 Soumaya Mestiri
25 Fedwa Misk article exists in French
26 Chikwenye Okonjo Ogunyemi
27 Leslye Amede Obiora
28 Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah
29 Sehin Teferra
31 Zouhoura Yesko Brahim
32 Nabiha Ben Abdallah
33 Amina Lamrini
34 Ourida Chouaki
35 Harkettes
36 Mina Zerrouk
37 Josephine Kulea
38 Rebecca Samaria Lolosoli
39 Marie-Angélique Savané
40 Fatou Kiné Camara
41 Khadidiatou Diallo
42 Tara Nacanabo check adm
43 Maboula Soumahoro check adm
44 Mame Fatou Niang check adm
45 Bintou Dembélé check adm
46 Aline Tacite check adm
47 Fatima Sissani
48 Naomi Nkealah
49 Mary Modupe Kolawole duplicate of #21
50 Chikwenye Okonjo Ogunyemi duplicate of #26
51 Sotunsa Mobolanle Ebunoluwa
52 Dawn Cavanagh director of the Coalition of African Lesbians
53 Sibongile Ndashe south african feminist lawyer founder of ISLA Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa
54 Joëlle Sambi Nzeba Congolese lesbian activist now living in Brussels
55 Akudo Oguaghamba human right educator, board member of Pan Africa International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association (PAI)
56 Happy Mwende Kinyili african feminist and lesbian activist from Mama Cash
57 Jay Mulucha Ugandan Transgender man, founder and ED of Fem Alliance Uganda
58 Nelly Mbangu Congolese human rights activist working on women's rights
59 Awino Okech Kenya, women’s rights
60 Fatou Sow (feminist) militante féministe sénégalaise et sociologue chercheuse au CNRS et enseignate à Dakar [1]
61 Halimata Fofana militante franco-sénégalaise [2] [3]
62 Everjoice J. Win or Everjoice Win A feminist - activist from Zimbabwe
63 Hilda Tadria Ouganda, Founder of the African Women’s Development
64 Irene Ovonji-Odida human rights lawyer and activist
65 Djaïli Amadou Amal Féministe et écrivaine camerounaise
66 Lydie Dooh Bunya Journaliste, féministe et femme de lettres camerounaise
66 Caddy Adzuba lawyer, journalist and human rights activist for women's rights
67 Alice Nkom Avocate camerounaise
68 Marie-Odile Attanasso béninoise
69 Immaculée Habiamvere rwanda
79 Busi Bango Empretec Zimbabwe

Articles about African feminists to be improved[edit]

  1. Agnes_Pareiyo
  2. Alexia Amesbury politicienne juriste seychelloise
  3. Awa Thiam (étoffer + améliorer l'article en Anglais )
  4. Hazel Carby (améliorer avec la version anglophone)
  5. Bilkisu Yusuf journaliste, éditrice musulmane féministe nigérianne
  6. Yemisi Ransome-Kuti féministe nigérianne
  7. Elizabeth Adekogbe féministe nigérianne
  8. Fatuma_Ali_Saman
  9. Fidelis_Wainaina
  10. Frances Harper
  11. Janet_Mbugua
  12. Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula académicienne féministe malawite spécialisée dans le féminisme africain
  13. Judith Amaechi féminist nigerian, millitant en faveur des malades du sida, des filles et des enfants abusés
  14. Mariam_Alhassan_Alolo
  15. Marie Thérèse Mukamulisa juriste féministe rwandaise spécialiste des cas de viols
  16. Nwando Achebe féministe nigérianne
  17. Naisula_Lesuuda
  18. Najat Aatabou améliorer, mettre photo dans version anglophone
  19. Obioma Nnaemeka
  20. Oyeronke Oyewumi professeure de sociologie féministe nigérianne
  21. Obioma Nnaemeka
  22. Micere_Githae_Mugo
  23. Saida_Menebhi (améliorer avec la version francophone)
  24. Veronica_de_Klerk
  25. Mmabatho Ramagoshino references
  26. Thérèse Sita-Bella Réalisatrice, féministe et pilote camerounaise
  27. Delphine_Zanga_Tsogo Ministre, députée, femme de lettres et féministe camerounaise

In French

  1. Khadidiatou Diallo  Done
  2. Marie-Angélique Savané  Done

Articles about African feminists to be reviewed or copyedited[edit]

  1. Ama Ata Aidoo
  2. Anna J. Cooper
  3. Betty_Abah
  4. Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi
  5. Catherine Obianuju Acholonu
  6. Chief_Temitope_Ajayi
  7. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  8. Edith Windsor
  9. Fatima Mernissi
  10. Ida B. Wells
  11. Jennifer Radloff
  12. Joyce Banda
  13. Lupita Nyong'o
  14. Molara Ogundipe
  15. Onejiru
  16. Pauline Hopkins
  17. Victoria_Kimani
  18. Wangari Muta Maathai
  19. Zineb El Rhazoui

Articles about African feminists to be translated from other languages[edit]

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# name image description country of citizenship date of birth date of death place of birth place of death item
1 Habiba Menchari Tunisian feminist Tunisia 1907 1961 Q45843013
2 Aicha Bellagha Tunisian feminist activist Tunisia 1916 Q50380380
3 Aida Fahmy Egyptian feminist Egypt 1917-03-31 2001 Cairo Q20410036
4 Beatrice Slama French-Tunisian activist, feminist and academic Tunisia
1923-06-02 2018-09-20 Tunis Paris Q94696525
5 Sira Diop
Mali teacher, politician, trade unionist, and feminist (1929–2013) Mali 1929-03-31 2013-11-17 Ségou Bamako Q52144878
6 Zhor Zerari Algeria 1937-03-26 2013-08-19 Guelma Algiers Q106088034
7 Zhour Alaoui Mdaghri Moroccan Feminist Morocco 1940 2013-11-22 Fez Rabat Q87330656
8 Khadija Cherif Tunisian sociologist and feminist Tunisia 1950 La Marsa Q54875178
9 Saida Garrach
Saida Garrache.jpg
Tunisian lawyer, feminist and politician Tunisia 19th century Tunis Q64019736
10 Mina Zerrouk Algeria 1952 2008 Algiers Paris Q29913442
11 Layla Chaouni Morocco 1953 Fez Q50344794
12 Rudo Chigudu Zimbabwean activist Zimbabwe 19th century Q19509098
13 Rabéa Naciri
Photo Rabéa Naciri.jpg
Morocco 1954-02-10 Casablanca Q50825333
14 Ilhem Marzouki Tunisian academic, sociologist and feminist figure Tunisia 1957 2008-01-24 Q50407448
15 Fouzia Assouli Moroccan activist Morocco 1958-06-07 Casablanca Q50380368
16 Henda Ducados Angolan women’s activist and development expert Angola 1964-07-14 Rabat Q56822733
17 Sylvie Fofana Ivory Coast 1968
Mankono Q107465804
18 Fatima Benoma
Moroccan politician Morocco 1983 Rabat Q55315533
19 Zoulikha Tahar Algeria 1992-08 Oran Q53770150
20 Inas Mekkawi Egypt Q56164318
21 Adja Rose Basse Senegal 2005-10-31 Senegal Q98094834
End of auto-generated list.

Articles to be translated in French[edit]

Biographie en Anglais Bio en français description Note
1 Alexia Amesbury  Done Alexia Amesbury politicienne et une avocate seychelloise made by user:Amqui
2 Seodi White  Done Seodi White anthropologue, avocate en développement social et féministe malawite made by user:Exilexi
3 Jennifer Radloff  Done Jennifer Radloff féministe sud africaine pionnière en informatique Made by Toyotsu
4 Nwando Achebe  Done Nwando Achebe féministe et historienne nigérianne Made by Toyotsu
5 Catherine Obianuju Acholonu féministe, chercheuse nigérianne, fondatrice de l'association des auteur·e·s nigérian·ne·s
6 Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi née en 1963, féministe, philanthrope et millitante nigérianne
7 Judith Amaechi  Done Judith Amaechi féministe nigériane, militant en faveur des malades du sida, des filles et des enfants abusés Made by Toyotsu
8 Oyeronke Oyewumi  Done Oyeronke Oyewumi professeure de sociologie féministe nigérianne Made by Toyotsu
9 Elizabeth Adekogbe  Done Elizabeth Adekogbe féministe nigériane Made by Toyotsu
10 Yemisi Ransome-Kuti  Done Yemisi Ransome-Kuti féministe nigérianne. admissibilté à vérifier Made by Janvierr
11 Bilkisu Yusuf  Done Bilkisu Yusuf journaliste, éditrice musulmane féministe nigérianne Made by Toyotsu
12 Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula  Done Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula académicienne féministe malawite spécialisée dans le féminisme africain Made by Toyotsu
13 Pauline Hopkins  Done Pauline Hopkins romancière afro américaine Made by Suzy1919
14 Marie Thérèse Mukamulisa juriste féministe rwandaise spécialiste des cas de viols  Done Made by Viking59
15 Catherine Obianuju Acholonu
16 Obioma Nnaemeka  Done Obioma Nnaemeka Universitaire nigériane Made by Toyotsu
17 Mariam Alhassan Alolo
18 Naisula_Lesuuda  Done Naisula Lesuuda femme politique kényane Made by Toyotsu
19 Agnes_Pareiyo Agnes Pareiyo
20 Fatuma_Ali_Saman
21 Fidelis_Wainaina  Done Fidelis Wainaina Féministe du Kenya Made by Toyotsu
22 Victoria_Kimani
23 Onejiru Done Onejiru Chanteuse de jazz kenyane allemande Made by Papillonne
24 Jessie_Kabwila-Kapasula
25 Janet_Mbugua  Done Janet Mbugua Présentatrice TV kenyane Made by Pidiaweik
26 Micere_Githae_Mugo
27 Elizabeth_Adekogbe
28 Betty_Abah  Done Betty Abah écrivaine nigériane
29 Chief_Temitope_Ajayi
30 Veronica_de_Klerk
30 Jeni Couzyn  Done Jeni Couzyn poètesse féministe sud africaine Made by Calicia02
31 Pregs Govender militante féministe sud africaine
32 Zanele Dlamini Mbeki feminist south african social worker and former first lady
33 Mmabatho Ramagoshi  Done Mmabatho Ramagoshi South African government official Made by Janvierr
34 Funeka Soldaat  Done militante féministe et lesbienne sud africaine du Triangle Project
35 Julia Solly suffragette britannique qui a créé la Women's Enfranchisement League (WEL) en Afrique du Sud
36 Sylvia Tamale  Done Sylvia Tamale Ouganda, juriste, sociologue ougandaise Made by toyotsu
37 Amina Mama Nigerian-British writer, feminist and academic
38 Ayesha Imam  Done Ayesha Imam Nigerian born human rights activist Made by toyotsu
39 Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga  Done Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga Femme politique du Zimbabwe Made by toyotsu
40 Funmi Olonisakin
41 Valentine Rugwabiza  Done Valentine Rugwabiza femme d'affaire et femme politique rwandaise Made by toyotsu
41 African Feminist Forum  Done Forum féministe africain conférence réunissant les féministes africaines Made by Nattes à chat

Other sources of information[edit]