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Energi-og miljøteknologi, ressourcer[edit]

Journal ISSN
0001-2491 A S H R A E Journal
0001-2505 A S H R A E Transactions
1431-5254 A T W -Internationale Zeitschrift fuer Kernenergie
0567-7718 Acta Mechanica Sinica
Advances in energy studies
1093-0191 Advances in Environmental Research
0003-018X American Nuclear Society Transactions
1093-474X American Water Resources Association. Journal
0003-150X American Water Works Association. Journal
1543-5938 Annual Review of Environment and the Resources
0273-2289 Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
0306-2619 Applied Energy
0003-701X Applied Solar Energy
1231-0956 Archives of Thermodynamics
1618-193X B W K (Print Edition)
1932-104X Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining
0961-9534 Biomass & Bioenergy
0364-5916 C A L P H A D
1863-0650 CLEAN -Soil, Air, Water (Print Edition)
0300-5143 Clean Air
1618-954X Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
0010-2202 Combustion Science and Technology
1364-7830 Combustion Theory and Modelling
1620-7742 Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série IIb, Mécanique
0935-1175 Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
0011-2275 Cryogenics
0011-9164 Desalination
0167-5648 Developments in Water Science
1091-370X Diesel Progress North American Edition
1538-5973 Durability and damage tolerance of composite materials and structures
1088-9981 E M
0925-8574 Ecological Engineering
1708-3087 Ecology and Society
0360-5442 Energy
0958-305X Energy & Environment
0196-8904 Energy Conversion and Management
0199-8595 Energy Engineering
0144-5987 Energy Exploration & Exploitation
0195-6574 Energy Journal
0301-4215 Energy Policy
1556-7036 Energy Sources. Part A. Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects
0843-4379 Energy Studies Review
1078-7275 Environmental and Engineering Geoscience
1092-8758 Environmental Engineering Science
0163-4275 Environmental Ethics
1364-8152 Environmental Modelling & Software
1756-932X Environmental Policy and Governance
0278-4491 Environmental Progress (New York)
0013-936X Environmental Science & Technology (Washington)
0959-3330 Environmental Technology
0018-3768 European Journal of Wood and Wood Industries (Print)
0732-8818 Experimental Techniques
0016-2361 Fuel
0140-6701 Fuel and Energy Abstracts
1464-2859 Fuel Cells Bulletin
0378-3820 Fuel Processing Technology
0949-8036 Gefahrstoffe -Reinhaltung der Luft
1526-3800 Global Environmental Politics
1078-9669 H V A C & R Research
0738-0232 Hazardous Waste Consultant
1326-1460 HEAT
1099-2871 Heat Transfer -Asian Research (Print Edition)
0018-1544 High Temperatures -High Pressures
0018-3830 Holzforschung
0018-6368 Houille Blanche
0884-0385 Hydro Review
0885-8969 I E E E Transactions on Energy Conversion
0018-9499 I E E E Transactions on Nuclear Science
0885-8977 I E E E Transactions on Power Delivery
1751-8687 I E T Generation, Transmission and Distribution
1559-792X IAEE International Conference
1817-4299 IAFSS -The International Association for Fire Safety Science : proceedings
0926-6690 Industrial Crops and Products
1743-9671 Institute of Energy. Journal
1098-4321 Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology. Journal
1747-6526 Institution of Civil Engineers. Proceedings. Waste and Resource Management
1741-7589 Institution of Civil Engineers. Proceedings. Water Management
1551-3777 Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
1471-0234 International Journal of Alternative Propulsion
1932-9997 International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education
1939-2699 International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization
0377-015X International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
0363-907X International Journal of Energy Research
1750-6220 International Journal of Energy Sector Management
1472-8923 International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy
1466-2132 International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management
1832-2077 International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability
1439-9776 International Journal of Fluid Power
0954-7118 International Journal of Global Energy Issues
1543-5075 International Journal of Green Energy
1750-5836 International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
0360-3199 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
0948-3349 International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment
1477-6545 International Journal of Low Radiation
1110-662X International Journal of Photoenergy
1757-1154 International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion
0140-7007 International Journal of Refrigeration
1478-6451 International Journal of Sustainable Energy (Print Edition)
1301-9724 International Journal of Thermodynamics
0195-928X International Journal of Thermophysics
0790-0627 International Journal of Water Resources Development
1352-2523 International Journal on Hydropower & Dams
1340-8054 J S M E International Journal. Series B: Fluids and Thermal Engineering
0021-9037 Journal of Applied Spectroscopy
1389-1723 Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering
0733-9402 Journal of Energy Engineering
0195-0738 Journal of Energy Resources Technology
1062-0125 Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics
1065-5131 Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer
1464-3332 Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management
0733-9372 Journal of Environmental Engineering
1496-256X Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science (Online)
1541-0099 Journal of Evolution and Technology
1042-3915 Journal of Fire Protection Engineering
1550-624X Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology
1084-0699 Journal of Hydrologic Engineering
1088-1980 Journal of Industrial Ecology
1061-026X Journal of Marine Environmental Engineering
1023-8166 Journal of Neutron Research
0340-0204 Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
0920-4105 Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
0149-2136 Journal of Petroleum Technology
1091-028X Journal of Porous Media
0378-7753 Journal of Power Sources
0199-6231 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
0022-4898 Journal of Terramechanics
0887-8722 Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer
1348-2165 Journal of Water And Environment Technology
0733-9496 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management
1606-9935 Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology. AQUA
1866-0010 K A -Abwasser, Abfall
0343-2246 K K -die Kaelte und Klimatechnik
0235-7208 Lietuvos Mokslu Akademija. Energetika
1025-9112 Mine Water and the Environment
1404-1049 Minerals & Energy
1871-4668 N A T O Science for Peace and Security Series. C: Environmental Security
0838-1984 NHRI symposium
0892-2055 Nuclear Plant Journal
0208-189X Oil Shale
1086-0266 Organization & Environment
0191-9512 Ozone: Science and Engineering
0032-3640 Pollution Engineering
0032-5929 Power (Houston)
1479-8344 Power engineer (Stevenage)
0032-5961 Power Engineering
0950-3366 Power engineering journal
1540-7489 Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
0965-0946 Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers : Water, Maritime and Energy
0924-1922 Publications on Ocean Development
1470-9236 Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
1364-0321 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews
0960-1481 Renewable Energy
1546-2366 San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science
0151-1637 Science et Technique du Froid
0938-1287 Shock Waves
0038-092X Solar Energy
1353-2561 Spill Science & Technology Bulletin
1048-5236 Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment
0354-9836 Thermal Science
0169-3913 Transport in Porous Media
0957-1787 Utilities Policy
0042-2592 Vann
0734-242X Waste Management and Research
0250-8060 Water International
1366-7017 Water Policy
0043-1354 Water Research
0097-8078 Water Resources
1816-7950 Water S A (Online Edition)
0273-1223 Water Science and Technology
1606-9749 Water Science and Technology: Water Supply
0735-6161 Wood and Fiber Science
1748-0272 Wood Material Science and Engineering
0043-7719 Wood Science and Technology
1741-2242 World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development