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The scope of this WikiProject task force including articles dealing with any of the following topics:

  • Rotorcraft (Helicopters, Autogyros, Gyrodynes, Multirotors etc.)
  • Subjects relating to the function and operation and nature of rotorcraft.
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San Francisco International Airport at night.jpgF-15 vertical deploy.jpgUSS Akron (ZRS-4) in flight over Manhattan, circa 1931-1933.jpgC-141 Starlifter contrail.jpgHelicopter rescue sancy takeoff.jpgA-10 Thunderbolt flight.jpgP-51 Mustang edit1.jpgKittinger-jump.jpgInverted Jenny.jpgUtterly.butterly.aerobatics.arp.jpgF-14D Tomcat on USS John C. Stennis.jpg20080406165033!V-22 Osprey refueling edit1.jpgColour avrocar 59.jpgUSAF F-15C fires AIM-7 Sparrow 2.jpgAir Force One over Mt. Rushmore.jpgB-1B over the pacific ocean.jpgRyan X-13.jpgSingapore Airlines B773 9V-SWA.jpgTwin Linear Aerospike XRS-2200 Engine PLW edit.jpgFA-18 Hornet breaking sound barrier (7 July 1999).jpgAn F-A-18C Hornet launches from the flight deck of the conventionally powered aircraft carrier.jpgUSAF F-16A F-15C F-15E Desert Storm edit2.jpgWrightflyer.jpg1783 balloonj.jpgShooter2.jpgJRF-5 NAS Jax 1942.jpgMe109 G-6 D-FMBB 1.jpgB-36 tracked gear edit.jpgAtlantis on Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.jpgB-17 on bomb run.jpgAN225down.jpg
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Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding Rotorcraft-task-force=yes to the {{WPAVIATION}} project banner at the top of its talk page. This will automatically place it into Category:Rotorcraft task force articles. You can also add this to the talk page of images, categories, and templates.