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One of the unintended consequences of Articles for Deletion (AfD) discussions is a sense of community consensus on things like notability. As we build our guidelines, referring back to old closed AfDs on airlines can be helpful, and thus this record of closed AfDs for reference.

This list also includes airline articles which had Speedy Deletion ("Speedy") or Proposed Deletion ("PROD") requests added directly to the article without an AfD discussion.

The entries in the following table are also transcluded into a project wide listing which can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Aviation/AfD record.

Wrightflyer thumb.jpg Take a look at Category:Aviation articles needing attention for articles that have been tagged as in dire need of attention. Check it out!
Article/AfD Nominator Opened Closed Result Comments
Qantas Flight 32 Bidgee 2010-11-04 Arguing WP:NOTNEWS and recentism.
Aeronais Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Founded in 2004 and still not active, no fleet, no city approval, etc.
Air Dravida Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: No activity since 2006, website "under construction".
Air Midwest (Nigeria) Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: No activity since 2007, website still says "coming soon".
Air Saipan Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: No activity since 2006, orphan.
Bance Air Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Orphan, no activity since 2006.
City Air Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: "Plans to start in 2007", no activity since then.
Datang Qili Airlines Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Orphan, no activity since 2006.
Dazhong Airlines Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Orphan, no activity since 2005.
EaseOn Air Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Upcoming airline with no activity since 2005, website not updated since 2006.
FirstJet Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Defunct airline that never started operating.
Icon (airline) Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Unreferenced, official website dead for over a year.
Jet-Yi Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: No activity since 2006.
JumpJet Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: "Failed start-up", no activity since 2006, unreferenced.
Phoenix Airline Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: "Now operates as Juneyao Airlines", not active, never will be.
TransCaribbean Airways Conti 2009-07-04 PROD: Unreferenced, website hasn't been updated since last year.
Air UK Leisure Oo7565 2009-02-06 2008-02-11 Keep
Armenian Krikorian Airways Russavia 2008-10-15 2008-10-19 Delete
Pegasus Airlines destinations Themfromspace 2008-10-14 2008-10-19 Merge to Pegasus Airlines
Airline liveries and logos TEB728 2008-10-14 2008-10-19 No consensus
AHM Air Hawaiian717 2008-10-05 2008-10-05 Speedy Delete
Alsek Air Service SchuminWeb 2008-10-03 2008-10-08 No consensus After PROD by Beeblebrox, see [1]
Destination One Mr.Z-man 2008-09-21 2008-09-30 Delete
Alaska Seaplane Service Beeblebrox 2008-09-25 2008-09-30 Keep After PROD, see [2]
Skyworld Hawaiian717 2008-09-04 2008-09-08 Delete
Emirates Airline Services Russavia 2008-08-26 2008-09-04 Merge to Emirates Airline
Emirates Airline Cabins Russavia 2008-08-26 2008-09-04 Merge to Emirates Airline
Emirates Lounge Russavia 2008-08-16 2008-08-22 Delete WP:ADVERT
Angel Medflight Arsenikk 2008-08-13 2008-08-18 Delete
Naming of Qantas aircraft Russavia 2008-07-22 2008-07-27 Keep
Oneworld destinations (2nd nomination) Russavia 2008-06-29 2008-07-04 Delete Not airlines. Also Star Alliance and SkyTeam
Virgin Atlantic Airways Fleet Butterfly0fdoom 2008-05-05 2008-05-11 Delete
Transatlantic International Airlines Aaporter 87 2008-02-11 2008-02-17 Delete Proposed airline, not flying as of deletion
Air Whitsunday Russavia 2008-01-17 2008-01-17 Speedied and Undeleted Requested speedy deletion (CSD A7), see [3]
Emirates Airlines awards and accolades Russavia 2008-01-16 2008-02-01 Delete also deleted similar pages for Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines awards and accolades
Emirates Airline Marketing and sponsorships Russavia 2008-01-16 2008-01-22 Delete
Northwest Regional Airlines 2008-01-09 Speedied Requested speedy deletion per (CSD A7)
Former Delta Air Lines destinations Mlaroche 2007-12-01 2007-12-06 Delete also deleted similar pages for Jat Airways, US Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Continental Airlines
United Airlines former destinations Mlaroche 2007-11-24 2007-11-30 Delete
Western Air ^demon 2007-11-12 2009-04-13 Speedied and Undeleted Requested speedy deletion (CSD A7), undeleted per Wikipedia: Notability (Transportation) #Airlines
List of largest airlines in Oceania Russavia 2007-10-06 2007-10-12 Keep
Previous United Airlines destinations Plinth molecular gathered 2007-09-18 2007-09-22 Delete
List of Airline Holding Companies Vegaswikian 2007-08-30 2007-09-07 Delete
Air South Charter Russavia 2007-08-16 2007-08-22 Delete WP:CORP
List of airlines in Ukraine Russavia 2007-07-17 2007-08-01 Keep included List of airlines in Serbia
List of airlines based in Nepal Russavia 2007-07-22 2007-07-26 Deleted then restored and Merged to List of airlines of Nepal
Air Culebra Boricuaeddie 2007-06-25 2007-06-30 Keep
Destination lists 2 AKMask 2007-05-15 2007-05-22 Keep American Airlines destinations, etc.
Singapore Airlines awards and accolades Russavia 2007-04-23 2007-04-29 Keep then Deleted under this
Destination lists Jobjörn 2007-01-13 2007-01-20 Keep all lists at Category:Airline destinations
Livingston Airline Destinations GMS508 2007-01-07 2007-01-13 Delete, then Undeleted after Review
Airline destinations Dave 2006-10-24 2006-11-03 Keep, later moved to here
Singapore Airlines fleet Dbinder 2006-01-28 2006-02-03 No consensus
Singapore Changi Airport passenger traffic by airline Vegaswikian 2005-09-24 2005-10-02 Delete