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WikiProject participants[edit]

Please remember to also add your name to the main list of project members for WikiProject Aviation and WikiProject Airlines if you are not yet listed there.

  1. Jondude11 (everything to know about Defunct Airlines)
  2. Marcusmax
  3. Itsfullofstars happy to help
  4. Trulystand700 - Interested in defunct airports.
  5. User:Trashbag - interested in defunct helicopter airlines of the 60's & 70's
  6. User:Duhhitsminerva - interested in dramaticaly expanding on the TWA article, pay some tribute to my favorite airline.
  7. Zaps93
  8. Brunoptsem - interested in defunct airlines of Brazil
  9. Belgian man (talk) - Interested in all aviation in Kiribati, including defunct airlines.
  10. N419BH - Interested in the history of modern airlines and the many now defunct carriers that formed them
  11. Degen Earthfast
  12. Jetstreamer — Interested in defunct airlines of Africa
  13. Compdude123 (talk · contribs)
  14. Aeroplanepics0112 — Interested in aviation and Cleveland, Ohio
  15. Saurabh.agrawal92 - Interested in defunct airlines of India.
  16. cvaska - Interested in Defuncted Airlines of Mexico and the United States
  17. DPdH — Interested in defunct airlines of Argentina
  18. TheLegoAirlines - Interested in defunct airlines of Asia (The Philippines, Japan, and South Korea) Also interested in the abandoned airport of the world.
  19. Darealclub - Interested in defunct airlines of Germany
  20. Airplane54 - Interested in aviation in IL and can help with any airport pages in US.
  21. Stinger20 - Focus on CVG and Comair
  22. Bingobro- Interested in defunct airlines of India, Nepal and Bangladesh.