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Welcome to the Airports WikiProject, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of airports.

(For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and the Guide to WikiProjects).

  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of airports.
  • Create guidelines for articles about airports.

Creation checklists[edit]

Airport WikiProject assessment statistics logcategory

Creation of a new Airport[edit]

  1. Do a search on the ICAO Airport Code, IATA Airport Code, FAA LID, and TC LID as appropriate; the article may already exist under another name.
    Note: for smaller domestic-only airports there may be few or no codes assigned.
  2. Create the article using the correct name and using the content and structure identified by the project.
  3. Include the {{Infobox Airport}} template at the top of the article and complete all available information.
  4. For US airports, include the {{US-airport}} template for automatic inclusion of links from airport-related sites.
  5. Categorize the article correctly.
  6. Add links from the article for the main city that it serves and the city or cities the airport is actually located in or nearest to, so as not to create an orphan. An {{airport codes}} template can be included in these non-airport articles, but should not be included in airport articles; it duplicates information in the {{Infobox Airport}} template.
  7. Create redirect articles for the ICAO and IATA Codes.
  8. Check that the new airport name is listed in all appropriate sub-lists of the List of Airports.
  9. Create a talk page for the article including {{WikiProject Aviation|Airports-project=yes}}

Creation of a new Airport Category[edit]

  1. Find all relevant airports
  2. Add to Airports category
  3. Add to the geographic category: I.e Airports of the United States in United States

Ongoing maintenance[edit]

Aviation WikiProject announcements and open tasks
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  1. Category:Airports - keep up to date
  2. Article count by country - country
  3. Add list of airports to each category for those we need to create
  4. Interwiki links - interwiki

Things to create/for discussion[edit]

  1. infobox — go to infobox for discussion/ideas
  2. List of Airports and Airfields — complete list
  3. Naming conventions — go to naming conventions
  4. Categorization — go to categorization
  5. Images without an article— go to Images without article
  6. Possible sources for getting airport Lat/Long, elevation, distance from city, runway info: resources

Areas requiring clean up[edit]

Airport Articles tagged with
{{stub}} tags
Stubs Total
Airport stubs 20
 → North American airport stubs 8
 → → Canada 83
 → → → Alberta 219
 → → → Atlantic Canada 109
 → → → British columbia 211
 → → → Manitoba 135
 → → → Northwest Territories 69
 → → → Ontario 418
 → → → Quebec 210
 → → → Saskatchewan 176
 → → United States 12
 → → → Midwestern United States 173
 → → → Northeastern United States 141
 → → → Southern United States 160
 → → → → Texas 56
 → → → Western United States 111
 → → → Alaska 71
 → → → Arizona 48
 → → → California 109
 → → → Kansas 59
 → → → Michigan 64
 → → → North Carolina 50
 → → Mexico 116
 → South America 390
 → Oceania 261
 → → Australia 158
 → Africa 7
 → → North Africa 162
 → → East Africa 153
 → → Southern Africa 252
 → → West Africa 258
 → Europe 586
 → → France 63
 → → Turkey 45
 → → Russia 253
 → → United Kingdom 57
 → Asia 478
 → → India 83
 → → Indonesia 113
 → → People's Republic of China 75
 → → Pakistan 47

Other WikiProject details[edit]


The parent of this WikiProject is the Aviation WikiProject.

Similar WikiProjects[edit]


  • AOPA Airport Minimum Standards A good reference for those trying to understand the thorny issues.
  • World Aero Data Very reliable.
  • The Airport Guide good source for airport information and can help with finding official sites for airports.
  • A - Z World Airports good source, usually has both ICAO/IATA and sometimes the official site.
  • to look up both ICAO and IATA codes
  • World Airport Codes another IATA code source but poor for coordinates and elevation
  • Falling Rain Genomics, Inc. good source for information, sometimes has both ICAO & IATA codes. Pick a country and then scroll down to the airports in that country.
  • COPA Places to Fly in Canada. Some information on Canadian airports. Good as external link.
  • Serbia Has several airports with basic information. Not sure how current the information is.
  • VATSIM - Navigation Charts and Flight Planning Tools an odd one as it's a FlightSim site. It has external links to sites that have charts/AIPs of various aerodromes world wide. Read the paragraph at the top first.
  • AirNav -- US site, based largely on the FAA's A/FD data (although revisions may take longer than 56 days to appear).
  • FAA data downloads -- pretty self-explanatory but a bit cumbersome to use.
  • Digital A/FD from NACO, covers United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Pacific territories (still in introductory/experimental stage).
  • World Airport Database, another comprehensive source.

Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP)[edit]

If using these it's best to turn off any adblockers that are running, especially if they block based on the letters "AD" appearing next to each other.


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

External watchlist[edit]