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Entries should be removed once the request has been met (usually by the creation of the appropriate article).

Airports needing articles[edit]

Before creating a new airport article, do a search on the IATA/ICAO/FAA codes, looking for the airport under another name. Please try to follow the steps listed at Creation of a new Airport on how to set up a new airport.

For lists of airports with red links see:

International airports with no article[edit]

Create new airport article[edit]

To create a new airport article, add a title for the article you want to create in the space below (i.e. Home Town Airport) and click the "Create new airport" button.

Airports that need Geo coordinates[edit]

This is a list of airports needing geographic coordinates (Geo coordinates).

Airports that need an infobox[edit]

For a more extensive list see Airport articles needing Infoboxes. See WP:AIRPORT/I for documentation about the {{Infobox Airport}}.

Active airports[edit]

To convert[edit]

Please strike through if you add the infobox for one of these airports.

Airports planned or under construction[edit]

for complete list, see Category:Future airports and Category:Future airport expansion.

Abandoned/Closed airports[edit]

Images needed[edit]


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