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The following is a list of all Alien-related articles that do/are not:

  1. Involve propositions for merges and/or splits
  2. Tagged (wikify, cleanup, unsourced, format, copyedit, and so on)
  3. Stubs (or non-notable, see WP:FICT; this especially applies to fanon/fanfiction). Most items not listed on this index will probably should be listed/discussed on the things to do or discussion pages.
  4. Incomplete (basic information not included, several items missing from lists, and so on)
  5. Incorrect.
  6. Imageless (when necessary)
  7. Other (please add on)

Also, be bold and update this page; add items as you see fit, remove items that do not belong here. If an item is not on here, it probably needs attention; make sure to note something on the things to do page or the discussion page!

Another note: Please read the articles below; some of them may feature not-so-obvious issues, especially in the prose. Some examples include fancruft, excess or redundant information, and POV/unsourced claims.

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