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Concern arose when people realised that the number of small, under performing WikiProjects was on the rise. Now with the majority of English counties having WikiProjects it has become apparent that this situation is definitely not stopping. In the past WikiProject England began a long-winded talk on ‘the break up of England’ and generally on the subject of stopping it.

The idea of preventing new WPs for Counties can have its downside and the patriotic local supporter will firmly disagree with this idea. The idea of mergers between WPs within their local area to form a ‘WP East Midlands’ or a 'WP North-West' is also a concept that many are against.

It is evident that the reason these WPs fail is due to the small number of participants and therefore a smaller number of experts in certain fields. This can add to problems with assessing and finding articles to assess as well as general maintenance.

A solution is required to assist these WPs by allowing advice, information and manpower from others who understand the more local aspects of the area to be shared. The answer to this is to form an Alliance. This is obviously different from a merger but still allows exchange in information in a similar way. They will retain their autonomy but work together with other WikiProjects.

Constructive Collaboration

This term is best used to describe the sharing of useful and constructive advice and information between the WPs. I feel it is the most important aspect of the Alliance Theory and will benefit for all of the WPs involved. It concentrates around the sharing of advice, like tips and where improvements are required, as well as assessing each others articles and ‘shedding a new light’, as it were, on them by providing an outside view on things that they are likely to understand due to the locality.

Therefore Constructive collaboration is the key part of this theory and is designed to be thoroughly beneficial towards all of the WPs involved.