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Welcome to the Alternative music WikiProject Collaboration of the Week!

Past collaborations

For historical nominations and more detailed information, please see the archive.

To nominate an article, please click here

About the collaboration[edit]

The WikiProject Alternative music Collaboration of the Week was active from February 2007 to May 2010. It was simply to attract more eyes to articles in need of attention. The intent is not simply to work on Good Articles, but also to work on articles that have had Good status revoked, or that are in need. The articles can be band pages, discography lists, or perhaps category based tasks.

Please state the type of attention that you believe your nominee requires, and what the aim is.

Current article[edit]

None currently

How to nominate[edit]

Any person can nominate any article that's in the scope of alternative rock for attention from the WP:ALM. Whether the article is currently a Good Article or in an advanced state of disrepair shouldn't matter, as the end result of seven days of work on the article will advance the cause as a whole.

Enter the name of the page, and date it (five tildes). Add yourself as a supporter of the article being nominated if you wish, and date it (four tildes). Please add new nominations at the top of the listing.


Nomination template[edit]

===[[article name]]===
Nominated ''{{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTDAY}}, {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}''.



Current collaboration[edit]


Past collaboration[edit]