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Further standards, along with drivers, to be progressively introduced.


For the purposes of these tables, due to the nature of recent driver turnover in such events as the Indianapolis 500, currently-active AOWR drivers shall be classified as those not having transferred to another form of motorsports, or officially announced their retirement from the sport in general, and having been on the entry list of at least one race in the highest class of American Open-Wheel motorsports in either the current or preceding two years.

Driver Team Standardized
Peer Review FAC/FLC Rating
Andretti, John Andretti No
Andretti, Marco Andretti Yes
Antinucci, Richard No
Belgium Baguette, Bertrand RLLR Yes
Belgium Barrett, Stanton Yes
Brazil Beatriz, Ana Dreyer & Reinbold Yes
Bell, Townsend Sam Schmidt Motorsports Yes
France Bourdais, Sébastien Dale Coyne Racing Yes
Australia Briscoe, Ryan Penske Yes
Carpenter, Ed Sarah Fisher Racing Yes
Brazil Castroneves, Hélio Penske Yes
United Kingdom Conway, Mike Andretti Autosport Yes
New Zealand Cunningham, Wade Sam Schmidt Motorsports Yes
New Zealand Dixon, Scott Ganassi Yes
Italy Dracone, Francesco Yes
United States Foyt, A. J., IV Vision Yes none Symbol support vote.svg Good article
(GA, December 27, 2007)
United Kingdom Franchitti, Dario Ganassi Yes
United States Hamilton, Davey Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Yes
Canada James Hinchcliffe Newman/Haas Racing Yes
United Kingdom Jay Howard RLLR Yes
United States Hunter-Reay, Ryan Andretti Autosport Yes
United States James Jakes Dale Coyne Racing Yes
Brazil Junqueira, Bruno Foyt Yes
Brazil Kanaan, Tony KV Racing Technology Yes
United States Kimball, Charlie Ganassi Yes
United States Lazier, Jaques Yes
United Kingdom Lloyd, Alex Dale Coyne Racing Yes
United Kingdom Mann, Pippa RLLR Yes
United Kingdom Manning, Darren Yes
Brazil Matos, Raphael AFS Racing Yes
Brazil Meira, Vítor A. J. Foyt Enterprises Yes
Brazil Moraes, Mario Yes
France Pagenaud, Simon Yes
Patrick, Danica Andretti Autosport Yes
Australia Power, Will Penske Racing Yes
United States Rahal, Graham Chip Ganassi Racing Yes
United States Rice, Buddy Panther Racing Yes
Colombia Saavedra, Sebastián Conquest Racing Yes
Japan Sato, Takuma KV Racing Technology Yes
South Africa Scheckter, Tomas REDLINE Xtreme Yes
Spain Servià, Oriol Newman/Haas Racing Yes
Switzerland de Silvestro, Simona HVM Racing Yes
United States Speed, Scott Dragon Racing Yes
Canada Tagliani, Alex Sam Schmidt Motorsports Yes
Canada Tracy, Paul Yes
China Tung, Ho-Pin Dragon Racing Yes
Venezuela Viso, E. J. KV Racing Technology Yes
United Kingdom Wheldon, Dan Yes
United Kingdom Wilson, Justin Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Yes

Currently active in other motorsport, or roles[edit]

Driver Series, or
Peer Review FAC/FLC Rating
United States Allmendinger, A. J. NASCAR Yes
United States Barron, Alex No
United Kingdom Clarke, Dan Yes
United Kingdom Dalziel, Ryan Yes
Mexico Domínguez, Mario Yes
Netherlands Doornbos, Robert Superleague Yes
Venezuela Duno, Milka ARCA Yes
Brazil de Ferran, Gil Team owner No
United States Figge, Alex Yes
United States Fisher, Sarah Team owner Yes
Germany Glock, Timo Yes
France Gommendy, Tristan Superleague Formula Yes
New Zealand Halliday, Matt Yes
United States Hearn, Richie Yes
United States Herb, Jon Yes
Belgium Heylen, Jan Yes
United States Hornish, Sam, Jr. NASCAR Yes
France Montagny, Franck Yes
United States Rahal, Bobby Team owner No
United States Vasser, Jimmy Team owner Yes


Driver Standardized
Peer Review FAC/FLC Rating
Norway Andersen, Gil No
United States Andretti, Mario No none Symbol support vote.svg Good Article
(GA, July 16, 2007)
United States Andretti, Michael Yes
United States Arnold, Billy No
United States Beardsley, Ralph No
United States Belcher, Fred No
United States Bigelow, Charles No
United States Boyer, Joe No
Sweden Bräck, Kenny No
United States Brayton, Scott No
United States Bruce-Brown, David L. No
United States Bryan, Jimmy No
United States Burman, Bob No
United States Calkins, Buzz Yes
United States Cheever, Eddie No
United States Chevrolet, Gaston No
United Kingdom Clark, Jim No
United States Cobe, Harry No
United States Corum, Lora L. No
United States Cummings, Bill No
United States Davis, Floyd No
United States Dawson, Joe No
United States Delaney, Ernest No
United States DePalma, Ralph No
United States DePaolo, Peter No
United States Donohue, Mark No
United States Endicott, Harry No
Italy Fabi, Teo No
Brazil Fittipaldi, Christian No
Brazil Fittipaldi, Emerson No
United States Flaherty, Pat No
United States Fox, Frank No
United States Foyt, A. J. No
United States Foyt, Larry No
United States Frame, Fred No
United States Giebler, Phil American Dream No
United States Gloy, Tom Yes
Canada Goodyear, Scott No
France Goux, Jules No
Brazil Gugelmin, Maurício Yes PR Symbol support vote.svg Good article
(GA, January 8, 2007)
United States Hall, Howard No
United States Hanks, Sam No
United States Harroun, Ray No
United States Hearne, Eddie No
United Kingdom Hill, Graham No
United States Holland, Bill No
United States Hughes, Hughie No
Switzerland Jani, Neel Yes
United States Johncock, Gordon No
United States Jones, Parnelli No
United States Knipper, Billy No
United States Lazier, Buddy Yes
United Kingdom Legge, Katherine Yes
United States Keech, Ray No
United States Lockhart, Frank No
Netherlands Luyendyk, Arie No
United Kingdom Mansell, Nigel Yes
Brazil da Matta, Cristiano Yes
Japan Matsuura, Kosuke Yes
United States Mears, Rick Yes
United States Merz, Charlie No
United States Meyer, Louis No
United States Miller, Jack Yes
United States Milton, Tommy No
Colombia Montoya, Juan Pablo Yes
Canada Moore, Greg No
United States Moore, Lou No
Brazil Moreno, Roberto No
United States Mulford, Ralph No
United States Murphy, James Anthony No
United States Parsons, Johnnie No
United States Parsons, Johnny No
United States Petillo, Kelly No
France Philippe, Nelson Yes
Canada Ranger, Andrew Yes
United Kingdom Resta, Dario No
United States Roberts, Floyd No
United States Robson, George No
United States Rose, Mauri No
Canada Roth, Marty Yes
United States Rutherford, Johnny No
United States Ruttman, Troy No
United States Schneider, Louis No
United States Sharp, Scott Yes
United States Shaw, Wilbur No
United States Simmons, Jeff Yes
United States Sneva, Tom No
United States Souders, George No
United States Sullivan, Danny No
United States Sweikert, Bob No
France Thomas, René No
United States Turner, W. H. No
United States Unser, Al No
United States Unser, Al, Jr. No
United States Unser, Bobby No
Canada Villeneuve, Jacques Yes
United States Vukovich, Bill No
United States Wallard, Lee No
United States Ward, Rodger No
United States Wilcox, Howdy No
United States Wishart, Spencer No
United States Yasukawa, Roger Yes
Netherlands Zwolsman, Charles Yes