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Welcome to WikiProject Anatomy!

This WikiProject aims to better organize information in articles related to Anatomy, and improve their overall quality. Please feel free to help, add yourself to the participants; or leave a message on the talk page!


This particular project supports all articles on human anatomy.

Getting started[edit]

Related WikiProjects[edit]

Data for this project is managed at:


Project assessment[edit]


The anatomical discipline (or field) of an article can also be set using the field parameter: {{WikiProject Anatomy|class=Start|importance=mid|field=x}}

  • This allows us to provide easy-to-access lists to contributors and professional and easily facilitate inter-project and intra-wiki collarboation.
  • The following values for 'field' are valid: animal, embryo, gross, meta, micro, NA, neuro, organs, systems
  • meta refers to subjects about the field of anatomy itself, including biographies, journal articles, organisations, definitions and articles relating to the history of anatomy.

Article assessment statistics[edit]

Index · Statistics · Log


Wikipedia Anatomy has the potential to be a world-class resource for anatomical information. To this end, we're working towards these three goals:

Goal 1: 20 GA-class articles

Goal 2: 150 B-class articles

Goal 3: 50% of articles at Start-class or above


  • To provide a link to images stored on WikiCommons, use {{Commons category|name of wikicommons category}}. Place this in the 'see also' section.
  • To provide a link to Wiktionary, use {{wiktionary|article name}}. Place this in the 'see also' section.
  • To provide a link to a summary of anatomical terminology, use {{Anatomy-terms}}. Place this in the 'see also' section.

Quarterly newsletter[edit]

A newsletter has been sent out once a quarter to users on the mailing list. The current edition is here.

Past editions:

Recent changes[edit]

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Recent changes in Anatomy
List overview · Lists updated: 2015-07-15 · This box: v · t

A list of recent changes in all pages under the project's scope can be found here: To put this box on your user page, use this template: {{Recent changes in Anatomy}}

Popular pages[edit]

Cleanup listing[edit]

  • [2] List of articles with cleanup tags


User Template[edit]

You can add this banner to your page by inserting {{User WPAnatomy}} on your user page:

Blutkreislauf.png This user is a member of
WikiProject Anatomy.

To welcome editors of anatomy articles, copy and paste this template (with the signature):

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