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Welcome to the assessment page of the Ancient Germanic studies WikiProject! This page focuses on outlining the assessment process for determining the quality of articles related to Ancient Germanic history and culture here on Wikipedia.

WPAGS Quality scale[edit]

Like all WikiProjects, we are interested in increasing the quality of the articles which fall within our scope. Most WikiProjects adopt the Wikipedia quality scale. We do not. Instead, we have devised a slightly modified scale which we feel is better suited to assess the quality of the articles we treat. As our requirements are slightly more stringent than those of the Wikipedia quality scale, however, this should not pose any significant problems when dealing with other WikiProjects which might share interest with us in the future of a particular article.

Class WP:AGS Criteria
GA The article exhibits uniformity in style and voice, both in itself as well as in comparison with other GA-Class articles. It is composed in error-free English, and attention has been paid to details such as units of weight and measurement, dates, etc. Footnotes appear at the end of their respective sentences, and give additional information to interested readers where appropriate. Overall, an excellent article which could only be improved in terms of style by editors outside our WikiProject.
B The article is well-developed, with a good lead, multiple headings, one or more images (if possible), and includes any relevant templates. The article discusses the topic in a neutral and balanced manner, and provides proper context to the average reader, being sufficiently wiki-linked and dab-linked where appropriate. The article presents all relevant sources, and
C The article is a collection of nearly all pertinent information related to the topic, representing the results of a thorough research phase, and all cited information has been noted with proper Harvard-style references with inline citations. Further, the information has been organized according to a coherent outline, and the article has an appropriate lead.
Start The article is developing, but is quite incomplete and, most notably, lacks adequate reliable sources, or lists all sources used at the end, without inline citations.
Stub The article is a rough and fairly short collection of information.

Please note that WPAGS does not have A-Class or FA-Class criteria. These are truly Wikipedia quality markers, and are meant to indicate how good the article is in relation to the encyclopaedia as a whole. As a WikiProject, WPAGS does not intend to look beyond the scope outlined on our project page. Thus, we are only interested in ensuring that we produce GA-Class articles.