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WikiProject Anglicanism


Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to Anglicanism and the Anglican Communion. Wikipedia articles on Anglican-related topics are typically at or near the top of Google searches – so accurate, thorough, and – yes – comprehensive entries are imperative. This page and its subpages contain suggestions and it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. All Anglican editors and those interested in Anglican Christianity are invited and encouraged to participate. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list here. The goals of the project are:

  1. To improve the quality of Anglican-related articles.
  2. To increase the number of articles related to Anglicanism and the Anglican Communion in Wikipedia.


To do

Specific tasks

See the main tasks page for more information.

Article assessments

Listing of Anglicanism articles by quality
Article assessment

Recognized content

Featured article Featured content

  1. Featured article Anglicanism Portal
  2. Featured article Ælfheah of Canterbury (talk · edit · history)
  3. Featured article Æthelberht of Kent (talk · edit · history)
  4. Featured article Asser (talk · edit · history)
  5. Featured article Augustine of Canterbury (talk · edit · history)
  6. Featured article Book of Kells (talk · edit · history)
  7. Featured article Cædmon (talk · edit · history) on the Main Page on 7 July 2006
  8. Featured article Charles II of England (talk · edit · history) on the Main Page on 12 March 2005
  9. Featured article Ecclesiastical heraldry (talk · edit · history)
  10. Featured article Edward VI of England (talk · edit · history)
  11. Featured article Elizabeth I of England (talk · edit · history) on the Main Page on 7 September 2004
  12. Featured article Hubert Walter (talk · edit · history)
  13. Featured article Isaac Newton (talk · edit · history)
  14. Featured article James I of England (talk · edit · history) on the Main Page on 19 September 2005
  15. Featured article James II of England (talk · edit · history) on the Main Page on 22 May 2006
  16. Featured article John Day (printer) (talk · edit · history)
  17. Featured article Laurence of Canterbury (talk · edit · history)
  18. Featured article List of Archbishops of Canterbury (talk · edit · history)
  19. Featured article List of Church of England dioceses (talk · edit · history)
  20. Featured article List of members of the Gregorian mission (talk · edit · history)
  21. Featured article Netley Abbey (talk · edit · history)
  22. Featured article Nigel (Bishop of Ely) (talk · edit · history)
  23. Featured article Priestley Riots (talk · edit · history)
  24. Featured article Robert of Jumièges (talk · edit · history)
  25. Featured article St Nicholas, Blakeney (talk · edit · history)
  26. Featured article Stigand (talk · edit · history)
  27. Featured article Thomas Cranmer (talk · edit · history) on the Main Page on 16 February 2009.
  28. Featured article William de St-Calais (talk · edit · history)
  29. Featured article William Wilberforce (talk · edit · history)

Good articles

  1. Anne Boleyn (talk · edit · history)
  2. Architecture of the medieval cathedrals of England (talk · edit · history)
  3. Baldwin of Exeter (talk · edit · history)
  4. Bede (talk · edit · history)
  5. Boniface of Savoy (archbishop) (talk · edit · history)
  6. Chester Cathedral (talk · edit · history)
  7. Christopher Smart (talk · edit · history)
  8. Controversy over the usage of Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man (talk · edit · history)
  9. Drapier's Letters (talk · edit · history)
  10. Dunstan (talk · edit · history)
  11. Ealdred (archbishop)‎ (talk · edit · history)
  12. Edward the Martyr (talk · edit · history)
  13. Edwin of Northumbria (talk · edit · history)
  14. Eilmer of Malmesbury (talk · edit · history)
  15. English Reformation (talk · edit · history)
  16. Gene Robinson (talk · edit · history)
  17. Gerard (Archbishop of York) (talk · edit · history)
  18. God (talk · edit · history)
  19. Gregorian mission (talk · edit · history)
  20. Henry Chadwick (theologian) (talk · edit · history)
  21. Henry Martyn (talk · edit · history)
  22. Hilary of Chichester (talk · edit · history)
  23. Hugh de Puiset (talk · edit · history)
  24. Isaac Newton's religious views (talk · edit · history)
  25. Jesus (talk · edit · history)
  26. Jocelin of Wells (talk · edit · history)
  27. John Peckham (talk · edit · history)
  28. Justus (talk · edit · history)
  29. Old St Paul's Cathedral (talk · edit · history)
  30. Oliver Cromwell (talk · edit · history)
  31. Oswald of Northumbria (talk · edit · history)
  32. Oswald of Worcester (talk · edit · history)
  33. Saint Patrick (talk · edit · history)
  34. Ralph d'Escures‎ (talk · edit · history)
  35. Ranulf Flambard (talk · edit · history)
  36. Reginald Fitz Jocelin (talk · edit · history)
  37. Richard of Dover (talk · edit · history)
  38. Robert Burnell (talk · edit · history)
  39. Robert Winchelsey (talk · edit · history)
  40. Roger de Pont L'Evêque (talk · edit · history)
  41. St John's Ashfield (talk · edit · history)
  42. St Mary's Church, Acton (talk · edit · history)
  43. St Mary's Church, Nantwich (talk · edit · history)
  44. St Mary's Church, Nether Alderley (talk · edit · history)
  45. St Thomas the Martyr's Church, Oxford (talk · edit · history)
  46. Theobald of Bec (talk · edit · history)
  47. Thomas of Bayeux (talk · edit · history)
  48. Thurstan (talk · edit · history)
  49. William de Corbeil (talk · edit · history)
  50. William Edington (talk · edit · history)
  51. William of York (talk · edit · history)
  52. Wulfstan II (talk · edit · history)

DYK Did You Know (DYK)s

Formerly recognized content

Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team selections

These articles have been selected by the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team for one or more release versions of wikipedia. Please help ensure that these articles remain of the highest possible quality.


The following templates can be used on pages in Wikipedia to associate them with the Anglicanism WikiProject. Click on a template's title to see a sample of what it produces when included on a page. For a full list of Anglicanism templates see the main template page.

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The following resources may be useful when developing articles:

When trouble develops at an article, editors can inquire at:

Project navigation

Collaboration effort


WikiProject Anglicanism was founded in May 2006 by:

You don't need to be Anglican to be a participant. Please add your name to the list below (you may add your location, parish, and diocese if you wish). Members will receive the project newsletter automatically. To unsubscribe add yourself to the list here. Editors who make no edits to Wikipedia at all in three months will be pruned from the list. Editors can always join the list again when they return to Wikipedia.

  1. Adamm (talk · contribs) • — St James the Great, in the Diocese of Melbourne
  2. Agendum (talk · contribs) • — not Anglican but living in north Norfolk, within the Diocese of Norwich. Especially interested in Anglican churchmen of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.••
  3. Alastair Cutting (talk · contribs) • — Copthorne, in the Diocese of Chichester••
  4. Alexnovo (talk · contribs) • — Diocese of New York, ECUSA interest areas: Church history during the Stuart Period, Anglo-Catholicism and the Church's views on homosexuality••
  5. AltioraPeto (talk · contribs) • — Member of The Episcopal Church (aka TEC aka ECUSA)••
  6. Angr (talk · contribs) • — originally ECUSA, now in the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe••
  7. Apodeictic (talk · contribs) • — originally Christ Church, Springwood in the Diocese of Sydney, (Anglican Church of Australia) now St Ebbe's Church, Oxford and the Chapel of The Queen's College, Oxford (where I'm a chorister) in the Diocese of Oxford (Church of England). Interests: Reformation, Calvinist and Reformed Theology, Puritanism, the Oxford Movement controversy, Anglican Liturgy, Anglican Choral Music.••
  8. Aw1805 (talk · contribs) • — Tokyo, Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Anglican Church in Japan)••
  9. Danbarnesdavies (talk · contribs) • — from Diocese of Chelmsford; university in Diocese of Winchester; currently lives & work Diocese of Southwark.••
  10. Bearian (talk · contribs)}••
  11. Bedesboy (talk · contribs) • — no church or parish for me either, but I live in the UK about halfway between York and Durham.••
  12. Bhuck (talk · contribs) • — St. Augustine's of Canterbury, Wiesbaden (commuter parishioner from Mainz)••
  13. Blarcrean (talk · contribs) • — St Cyprian's Cathedral, Kimberley in the Anglican Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman in South Africa (Anglican Church of Southern Africa)••
  14. Bobk (talk · contribs) • — Not Anglican but Methodist so I guess it's close enough, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia••
  15. Bolman Deal (talk · contribs) • — Church of the Good Shepherd, Columbia, South Carolina••
  16. Bpmullins (talk · contribs) • — ECUSA, Diocese of California history, music••
  17. Brian New Zealand (talk · contribs) • —New Zealand, Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia••
  18. Bridgman (talk · contribs) • — St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral in Memphis, see of the Diocese of West Tennessee, Sewanee Province Interested in Episcopal ministries for the care of creation (ecology, conservation, environment, stewardship)••
  19. Bruce Hall (talk · contribs)••
  20. Carl.bunderson (talk · contribs) • — Longmont, CO, US — general interest••
  21. Carolynparrishfan (talk · contribs) • Anglican Church of Canada. Interests: Liturgy, Anglican Eucharistic theology, full communion partners, Anglican views of homosexuality, devotional and priestly societies.••
  22. ChapterandVerse (talk · contribs) • Church of England.Diocese of Sheffield Interests: Yorkshire area, reader ministry. Likely to be an occasional editor. Amateur photographer, may be able to supply some photos. My first three articles were all Bishops of Sheffield.••
  23. Clariosophic (talk · contribs) • — All Saints Episcopal Church (Jensen Beach, Florida), Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. Interested in starting/rewriting articles on dioceses and bishops of the ECUSA and on individual parishes, especially ones on the National Register of Historic Places or otherwise of historic note. I've been busy creating subcategories for each state and Washington, D.C. in the Category:Episcopal churches in the United States and finding and or creating disambiguation pages for Anglican or Episcopal churches by name. I'm also interested in Carpenter Gothic churches in the US and Canada and have found that most of them are Episcopal or Anglican churches. I've also been trying to untangle the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware in which most church listings are actually redirect pages to the diocesan article. This has created difficulties in creating real articles on the churches so redirected. I'm also doing Anglican churches listed on various historic registers in Canada••
  24. ClaudineChionh (talk · contribs)••
  25. Coemgenus (talk · contribs) • — Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania••
  26. Cooltrainer_Hugh (talk · contribs) • - Thames Ditton, Diocese of Guildford
  27. David L Rattigan (talk · contribs) • — Anglican Diocese of Liverpool••
  28. David Underdown (talk · contribs) • — Diocese of Southwark interests, Anglican church music, bellringing••
  29. Dhodges (talk · contribs) • — Toronto Ontario, Canada, Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Diocese of Toronto••
  30. DorothyBaez (talk · contribs)••
  31. EconomistUK (talk · contribs) • — Currently Diocese of London, but with strong links to the Church in Wales.••
  32. El Staplador (talk · contribs) • — Diocese of Guildford.••
  33. Evachinoy (talk · contribs) • — St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Diocese of Northern California Elk Grove, California, USA.••
  34. fishhead2100 (talk · contribs) • — Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, St. David's Anglican Church (Prince Albert)]] in the Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan, St. Michaels & All Angels (Strathmore) in the Anglican Diocese of Calgary. Interested in their beliefs, values, worship, history, and social issues.••
  35. fr tyme (talk · contribs) • — St. James Episcopal Church (Kent, Washington), Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. I have been interested in theology, physics, religion, apologetics from a young age and have done countless hours of research on each of these topics.
  36. Garzo (talk · contribs) • — Priest in the Diocese of Salisbury, Church of England••
  37. Geogre (talk · contribs) • — Sure, I've done a few already, and I'm particularly good with 18th century Anglicanism and its struggles to define itself against the competing claims of Puritanism and Catholicism. I want to see our Richard Hooker article(s) improve. Oh, and diocese? I'd rather not. Episcopal Church, USA is about all I'd care to offer.••|
  38. GowsiPowsi (talk · contribs) • — Hillsborough, United Province of Armagh and Tuam, Church of Ireland. Expert historian of the Church in Northern Ireland.••
  39. GrahamSmith (talk · contribs) • — Ordinand at School of Theology and Ministry Studies, University of Lincoln, formerly Authorised Lay Minister at St Denys' Church, Sleaford in the Diocese of Lincoln (Church of England). UCCF staff (1989-93).
  40. Hackloon (talk · contribs) • — Oxford, UK (No parish as such but Corpus Christi College, Oxford)••
  41. Hanjay09 (talk · contribs)
  42. Hayesstw (talk · contribs) • — Tshwane, Archdiocese of Johannesburg and Pretoria, Greek Church of Alexandria not Anglican, but with some knowledge of Anglican history in Southern Africa••
  43. Homagetocatalonia (talk · contribs) • — Windsor, Ontario, Canada Parish of St James Anglican Church (Windsor) Diocese of Huron ••
  44. Hroðulf (talk · contribs)
  45. HyDeckar (talk · contribs) • — Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, South Australia••
  46. Iloilo Wanderer (talk · contribs) • — Interests: Anglican Use, Anglicanism in the Philippines
  47. InkQuill (talk · contribs) • — ECUSA, Diocese of Connecticut history, current affairs••
  48. John Carter (talk · contribs)••
  49. Johnsoniensis (talk · contribs) formerly Felix Folio Secundus (talk · contribs) • -- Diocese of Manchester••
  50. Journeyman (talk · contribs) • — Toongabbie Anglican Church, Anglican Diocese of Sydney interest areas: Evangelical Anglicanism, history of the English Reformation, English Puritanism, Australian church history.••
  51. Jpacobb (talk · contribs) • — Chile, retired Anglican Priest, Anglican interests: History, Liturgy and Theology. More generally: Epistemology and Language••
  52. Kencf (talk · contribs) • — St. Michael's Episcopal Cathedral, Boise, [[Episcopal Diocese of Idaho••
  53. Leon... (talk · contribs) • — Anglican Diocese of Melbourne••
  54. LordRobert (talk · contribs) • — Sydney, Australia••
  55. Lyndwood (talk · contribs)••
  56. Marnanel (talk · contribs) • — diocese of Bethlehem and occasionally Ely ••
  57. Matt.Koovisk (talk · contribs) • — The Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels', Kelowna, BC, Diocese of Kootenay (Anglican Church of Canada). Lay Reader, discerning a call to the priesthood. ••
  58. Meeples (talk · contribs) • — ECUSA, Diocese of Milwaukee interests in liturgics, music, and history••
  59. Mgriffin (talk · contribs) • — St. James' Anglican Church, Dundas, Diocese of Niagara••
  60. Millbanks (talk · contribs) • — St Mary's New Ross, Church of Ireland, Diocese of Ferns••
  61. MishMich (talk · contribs) • — Southern England (ex-server, ex-PCC, ex-Diocesan Synod, not attending). Liberation Theology, LGBT issues and Church (was theology, liturgy, early church history, religious orders, Eckhart). ••
  62. Morgaledh (talk · contribs) • — Diocese of Massachusetts••
  63. Myopic Bookworm (talk · contribs) • — England— interests include ecumenism, liturgy, liberal theology••
  64. neddyseagoon (talk · contribs) • — London ([[WC1}} }} • UK Parishes St. Mary's, Walmer, Diocese of Canterbury / St Michael's Church, Camden Town, London, UK Diocese of London ••
  65. Newchildrenofthealmighty (talk · contribs) • Anglican Church in North America
  66. Patricknoddy (talk · contribs)••
  67. pgg7 (talk · contribs) • — Diocese of Lichfield, interest areas Anglo-Catholicism••
  68. Pjposullivan (talk · contribs) • - Diocese of Guildford. ••
  69. PlainsArchitecture (talk · contribs) • — Church architecture, especially in the U.S. and Canada; ecclesiology; Anglo-Catholicism. I live in North America and am not an Anglican.••
  70. Presidentman (talk · contribs)••
  71. PStrait (talk · contribs) • — Roman Catholic, but interested in Anglicanism b/c of belief that the two churches will one day be one••
  72. Quill (talk · contribs) • — lost outside Canberra historian and proud Anglo- Catholic••
  73. Ringbark (talk · contribs) • — Diocese of Chester, but previously Anglican Diocese of Birmingham, Diocese of Waiapu, Diocese of Wellington••
  74. Rockhopper10r (talk · contribs) • — Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston, Diocese of Texas, ECUSA••
  75. Roger Arguile (talk · contribs) • — Vicar of St. Neots, Diocese of Ely— interests in liturgical Movement, Church architecture, stained glass, English Reformation••
  76. SaintCyprian (talk · contribs) • — Parish of St Cyprian's, Clarence Gate, in the Diocese of London.••
  77. Sarum_blue (talk · contribs) • — Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, the Cathedral Church of Saint Matthew, Dallas, Texas, and all things high church••
  78. Secisek (talk · contribs) • — Chicago, IL, USA Church of the Ascension, Chicago Diocese of Chicago.••
  79. Skershaw (talk · contribs) • — in the Diocese of Ely••
  80. Spanky_dreamr (talk · contribs) • — The Episcopal Church••
  81. Stevingtonian (talk · contribs) • — St Mary The Virgin, Stevington (Churchwarden) Diocese of St Albans••
  82. Strawless (talk · contribs) • — Church of Ireland••
  83. STSC (talk · contribs) • — Hong KongDiocese of Eastern Kowloon, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.
  84. Suxamethonium (talk · contribs)••
  85. Sweetmoose6 (talk · contribs)••
  86. Timothy Titus (talk · contribs) • — Parish Priest in the Anglican Diocese of London••
  87. Tonicthebrown (talk · contribs) • — Anglican Diocese of Melbourne••
  88. Through Blue (talk · contribs)••
  89. W.E.Ward.III (talk · contribs) • - Diocese of Southern Virginia, ECUSA, Virginia Beach Virginia, Holy Apostles Anglican/Roman Catholic Church -- I come up as Bill Ward in my signature ••
  90. spartacus007 (talk · contribs) • — Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas, ECUSA. I'm working on articles for the Saints commemorated in Holy Women, Holy Men.••
  91. Waynejayes (talk · contribs) • - Diocese of Grahamstown and churchwarden at the Grahamstown Cathedral
  92. Wikibojopayne (talk · contribs)}••
  93. Willthacheerleader18 (talk · contribs) • - Roman Catholic with interests in Anglo-Catholicism and Anglican Use, and hoping that one day the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church will be in full communion. ••
  94. Baylor98 (talk · contribs) • - I am an Anglo-Catholic in the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri at St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Kansas City, Missouri). ••
  95. Arfæst Ealdwrítere (talk · contribs) • - Anglo-Catholic in the Diocese of Durham in England. ••

Naming conventions

Naming conventions

  • For people: [[Thomas Cranmer]], unless others by that name exist, in which case the activity for which the individual is best known should be bracketed, e.g., [[Richard Hooker (theologian)]] (not [[Richard Hooker (scholar)]], [[Richard Hooker (priest)]], etc.)
    • For clergy: (deacon), (priest), (bishop)
    • For scholars: (theologian), (philosopher)
    • Other possibilities: (author), (martyr), (missionary), (religious)
  • For other subjects: The simpler the title the better, with redirects or disambiguation pages, as necessary. Where there are existing articles, the word "Anglican" should be incorporated, e.g., [[Anglican Eucharistic theology]], [[Order of St. Benedict (Anglican)]]

Related areas