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Anglicanism collaboration effort[edit]

The purpose of this page is to maintain an Anglicanism collaboration effort.


  1. The article must have something to do with Anglicanism or the Anglican Communion: its history, doctrine, institutions, and notable figures.
  2. The article with the most people supporting it will win. If there is a tie, the one that was nominated first will be the collaboration effort.
  3. Nominations can stay up for 2 months, and then will be removed.

How to nominate:

  1. Place {{AngCOTM}} on the top of the talk page of the article you are nominating.
  2. Place your nomination below, at the bottom of the list, with once sentence why you are nominating it. Please sign your nomination with four tildes ~~~~.


Archived nominations for can be accessed via the above link. Apparently, protocol is that if anyone wants to renominate an article, they need to do so - we can't just carry over from one month to the next. If you would like to know which nominations failed - please check there.

Current project[edit]

St. Luke's Church (Smithfield, Virginia) is the collaboration effort.


Please add nominations below. Please indicate your support for the nomination with Support or Oppose and a brief comment

The nave of St. St. Mary's Episcopal Church.


Where to place What to copy What it looks like
Edit this to update COTM choice {{AnglicanismCOTM article}} edit only St. Luke's Church (Smithfield, Virginia)
Copy this to the COTM article {{Anglicanism COTM}}
Copy this to the nominees {{AngCOTM}} The article being discussed here is a nominee for the Anglicanism collaboration effort. If you wish to add your vote on it, please go to WP:AngCOTM.