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Previously, our Digimon articles were arranged so that every Digimon species had its separate article. Altogether, that's about a few hundred -mon articles. Many of these articles have just an info box, a few lines about the digimon’s name origins, and digivolution lists. These articles are likely to stay like that forever, and will never be un-stubbed, since there’s really nothing else to say about these Digimon species. Many of these more obscure Digimon species are not really notable either.

This subpage exists to coordinate an effort to merge these existing -mon articles. Our goal at the end of this merge effort is to have:

Getting things done[edit]

  • Our priority should be to complete all the articles for the important Digimon characters...because...they're important. The articles on the Digimon main characters for each anime season are among the most visited Digimon articles. Of course, you're welcome to edit which ever Digimon article(s) you're interested in. But if anyone's got spare time on their hands, getting the articles for the main Digimon characters done would be very nice.
  • The new Digimon infobox at Template:Digimon Infobox for Digimon and Digimon organizations. The parameters for the new Digimon infobox are explained at Template_talk:Digimon Infobox. One notable change between this infobox and the old one is that the "|kanji=" parameter is now "|katakana="
  • Often, the picture or infobox for a Digimon will be longer than the actual text writing. In this case, use the {{-}} template at the bottom of each section to clear margins.
  • Remember to do a "What links here" (located in the left-hand side toolbox) for articles that you redirect so you can fix Double redirects

Plan for future articles[edit]

This is a rouge plan for how articles will be arranged. Plans are just plans and they often don't work, or people come up with better ideas when they actually start working on the articles. We don't need to follow this 100%, but this is the general idea.

Important Digimon characters[edit]

These are Digimon characters who have played important roles in a Digimon anime series, manga or game. Most of these are either main villains, or Digimon partnered to the Chosen Children.

  • Various Digimon games
    • Millenniummon (Completed)

Notable Digimon groups[edit]

Character lists[edit]

These lists are to put Digimon characters who aren't really important or main characters.

We currently have:

Lists for digimon characters in other Digimon manga series have yet to be created. These articles are all in-progress.

The following is a list of Digimon that are suitable to be added to these articles. The following list is not by any means meant to be a complete list. Let's just add Digimon to these list articles as we go.

List of Digimon Adventure minor characters

    • Other forms of Terriermon - Gummymon, Gargomon, and Rapidmon (Armor) (Completed)
    • Lopmon and all other forms - Kokomon, Wendigomon, Antylamon, Cherubimon (Completed)
    • Wizardmon (Completed)
    • Cherrymon (Completed)
    • Datamon (Completed)
    • DemiDevimon (Completed)
    • Digitamamon
    • Gekomon and ShogunGekomon
    • Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon (Completed)
    • Leomon (+SaberLeomon) (Completed)
    • Numemon
    • Ogremon (Completed)
    • Piximon
    • Sukamon and Chuumon
    • Whamon
    • Kimeramon
    • Willis

NOTE - because Digimon Adventure 02 is a direct sequel to Digimon Adventure, they share a lot of minor characters. For the time being, List of Digimon Adventure minor characters is for all minor characters in the Digimon Adventure continuum (so that includes Digimon Adventure 02 characters like Kimeramon).

List of characters in Digimon Tamers

  • Currently contains: Family, Hypnos, Schoolchildren, Icedevimon, Jijimon+Babamon, others?

List of characters in Digimon Frontier

  • Currently contains: IceDevimon, Angemon, Bearmon, D'Arcmon, Grizzlymon, Onismon, HippoGryphomon, Murmuxmon
  • Should also contain:
    • Burgermon (+TorikaraBallmon, EbiBurgermon)
    • Trailmon

Digimon 'masterlists'[edit]

The idea here is to have every single Digimon species arranged into 'masterlists' by Level. So we will have "List of Fresh Digimon" and "List of In-Training Digimon" and so on. There will be separate lists for all 6 Digimon levels (Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega), as well as lists for Armor Digimon and Hybrid Digimon.

Obviously, there are far too many Rookie Digimon to fit onto one list. Therefore, the list will be split into parts - "List of Rookie Digimon (Part 1)", "List of Rookie Digimon (Part 2)" and so on. The number of Digimon per article is arbitrary, just use your judgement - we don't want too many articles, but we don't want really looooooong articles either.

Since Digimon will be arranged alphabetically - the Digimon by level categories will be very useful, since they group Digimon by level and list them alphabetically.

List of Fresh Digimon is an example of how these lists should look like. Also, note Botamon's entry on that list. Since Botamon is a main character in Digimon Adventure (as Agumon's fresh form), it has an entry on Agumon's article. Therefore, Botamon on the list has a link to Agumon's article, but also information on Botamon's appearances in other Digimon media.

Created Masterlists

Digimon characters of the same species[edit]

This is just a list of Digimon species that have characters appearing in more than one Digimon media. (The Digimon whose merging problems have been solved are stricken out.)

  • Agumon - Tai's partner in Adventure, Masaru's partner in Savers
  • Andromon - Minor character in Adventure, Kazu's partner in Tamers
  • Terriermon - Wallace's partner in the Adventure Movies, Henry's partner in Tamers
  • Lopmon - Wallace's partner in the Adventure Movies, Suzie's partner in Tamers
  • Leomon - Minor character in Adventure, Jeri's partner in tamers.
  • Cherubimon - Wallace's partner (Lopmon's mega) in the Adventure movie, celestial digimon in frontier
  • Seraphimon - T.K.'s partner (Angemon's mega) in Adventure, Celestial digimon in frontier
  • Omnimon - Tai and Matt's partner in Adventure, member of the Royal Knights in X-Evolution and Savers
  • Magnamon - Davis's partner (Veemon's Armor form) in Adventure, member of the Royal knights X-Evolution and Savers
  • Gallantmon - Takato's partner (Guilmon's mega) in Tamers, member of the Royal knights X-Evolution and savers
  • UlforceVeedramon - Zeromaru's mega in V-Tamer, member of the Royal Knights Savers
  • Gotsumon - minor character Adventure, minor character in Savers.

Post-merge articles[edit]

This is a list of all post-merge articles. Please keep this list updated.

  • Other - Digimon (creature) (not a post-merge article. But this is quite a new article. And a suitable article to link to for most of our Digimon articles)