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You can use Special:Recentchangeslinked/Category:Digimon media to help track bot tags, deletion notices, updates done by others, and any other changes to Digimon images.

So what's this all about?[edit]

Images used in Digimon articles are copyrighted with a non-free license, which is normally not permitted on Wikipedia. However, limited use of non-free images is allowed when such images are vital to the understanding of the article and it's topics, via Wikipedia:Non-free content. To use these images we are required to have a fair use rationale on the image's description page. Most Digimon images do not have this necessary information, as well as information on the source of the image, information on the copyright holder, etc. We've let this slide for a while, but the time has come to clean up the mess.

What do I do now?[edit]

  • For starters, it's a good idea to read up on our policy on non-free images at Wikipedia:Non-free content
  • Find any images you might have uploaded by clicking on "my contributions" at the top of your screen. Then click on the link "Logs" under the words "User contributions". Finally, change the pop-up menu to "Upload log" and click "Go"
  • Any editor can fix an image, even if you have not uploaded it. To find other images you can go to Category:Digimon media, or by clicking on any image in use in an article.
  • All images require a tag be placed on them. Originally we had one called {{Digimonimage}}, but the tag is no longer in use, and a more specific tag is required. There are many tags that can be used, but more than likely you will need one of the following:
  • In addition to the tags, all images must have a unique fair use rationale for each page they are used on. See Wikipedia:Fair use rationale guideline for help.
  • For all images, make a note that Bandai is the copyright owner of the image. For images that are screen shots and/or related to the anime series, they will also be copyrighted by Toei Animation as well. Also try to note the year of the copyright.
  • All images must pass all points on Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria