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The List of Sailor Moon items tries to enumerate the most important items found in the world of Sailor Moon, an anime/manga metaseries.

Series items[edit]

These items represent different parts of human metaphysical existence in the Sailor Moon Universe. These items and aims were used in the anime, and not the manga.


This is specifically human-created energy through exertion, such as exercise, excitement, etc. This shows up in the first and second arc/series of Sailor moon as a way to wake up the main enemy. The energy can be collected from animals as well, but the majority of the time it is collected from human beings, which may even put the person into danger, or result in hospitalization.

Pure Heart Crystal[edit]

Pure Heart Crystals are the items sought by the Death Busters. They literally represent the purity of someone's desires (and glow with different brightness, accordingly)--if removed, the victim will lose that purity and will die soon after. Three "Chosen Ones" are believed to carry special Pure Heart Crystals known as Talismans.

Dream Mirror[edit]

Dream Mirrors, when removed from their hosts, make it possible to literally look inside someone's dreams. Members of the Dead Moon Circus remove these from innocent people in their search for Pegasus, who is hiding inside one. They eventually learn that they can discern his presence in one just by looking at its color: the one where Pegasus is hiding is golden.

Unlike Pure Heart Crystals, simply removing a mirror does not cause its host to die or even lose consciousness, although they feel pain if someone looks into the mirror. While the members of the Dead Moon Circus exist without dream mirrors, it is unclear if the same is possible for humans. When Usagi's mirror was shattered, she fell down motionless and did not awaken until the Amazon Trio sacrificed themselves to restore the mirror.

Star Seed[edit]

A star seed is a small crystal which is symbolic of the person that carries it. Every person carries a star seed, each of which carries a certain level of shine. In the manga brightest star seeds are called Sailor Crystals and are only carried by Senshi. Sailor Galaxia searches for only the brightest of these, not particularly caring for the star seed of anyone who isn't a senshi. Removal of a star seed leads to death, unless Galaxia artificially prolongs the victim's life with her special bracelets. In the anime, if the star seed is removed but remains nearby, the victim will transform into a phage, or parody Senshi. The Sailor Crystals never appear in the anime, and are called "true" star seeds instead, which is considered a star seed only senshi (or those like Mamoru) can carry.


Pink communicators[edit]

Resembling pink calculators, these are used by the Senshi in their civilian forms during the first season.

Wrist communicator[edit]

A watch-like communicator used in the second season onward. The color of the band matches the image color of the Senshi wearing it. Sailors Uranus and Neptune (And possibly the other Outers) appear to have one upon their introduction without receiving one from Luna.

Stallion Reve[edit]

This item was used by Chibiusa to communicate with Pegasus when she was not in battle. She had to promise not to reveal its existence.

Transformation items[edit]


Henshin is the Japanese word for "transformation," and denotes the shift from civilian form into Senshi form.

Transformation Pens In the anime and manga, each of the Inner Senshi receives a transformation pen from Luna with her guardian planet's astrological symbol on it. To use it, they hold it in the air while shouting out their transformation phrase.

Minako's Pen Minako has a Unique pen in the manga from her Sailor V days, that lets her turn into both Sailor V and Sailor Venus. It also can help on tests, and lets her communicate with Boss. Concept art states it recharges by being touched to the crescent on Artemis' forehead. An Alarm on it sounds when someone other than a Sailor Senshi plays the Sailor V game.

Transformation Rods As they power up, the Inner Senshi receive more advanced transformation items; first the "Star Power Stick," followed by the "Crystal Change Rod." Each Outer Senshi uses an item called the "Lip Rod."[1] In the manga, They acquire them after sacrificing their powers to aid Sailor Moon in the end of the first arc. In the anime Luna just gives them to them with no real explanation as to why.

Brooch/Compact Instead of Pens or Rods, Moon and Chibi Moon use a brooch or compact. Every version except the first one used by Usagi, contain the Ginzushou of their respective times.

Crescent Moon Compact Cresecent Moon Compact (三日月 Mikatsuki konpakuto) was used by Minako Aino to disguise herself in both the Sailor Moon and Sailor V Mangas.

Sailor Change Star According to Bandai, this is a two piece set of the microphone and brooch used by Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Maker to transform. According to Naoko Takeuchi's own notes, the brooch contains the starseeds of the Starlights.

Jewelry Star Bracelet A PGSM transformation item; each of the Inner Senshi (except Sailor Moon and Sailor Luna) has her own. These are given to them by Luna, except for Rei, who had an ordinary bracelet that changed shape the first time she transformed. These bracelets allow them to transform into Sailor Senshi. They had two forms. A "Sealed" form that appeared as a bracelet in civilian form and an enlarged form that had a Pink strap in Senshi form.

When Sailor Mercury was turned into Dark Sailor Mercury, her bracelet also changed in appearance and was known as the Dark Jewelry Star Bracelet. It turned black and the smaller gems were gone and replaced with empty pits where they had been. When it's "Released" State, it had a black leather strap.

Heart Moon Necklace Sailor Moon's PGSM transformation device which she uses in conjunction with a tube of lipstick to transform. This turns into a brooch when she is Sailor Moon.

Lunatia-L A special Teletia-S carried by Human Luna in PGSM, She uses to transform into Sailor Luna.

Rose Used by Mamoru to change into to Tuxedo Mask in the anime.


Disguise Pen This pen is given to Usagi, and it allows the user to transform into whoever they want to be. It is used to get into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Usagi is the only one of the girls ever to use it, with the only exception being Sailor Venus, who in episode 102 of the anime disguises herself as Sailor Moon. This item appears in the manga and anime, though the appearance is slightly different. It can transform into an umbrella which was cut out of the adaptation.[2] It is called the Luna pen In the dubbed anime.

Teletia-S A magical cellphone given to each of the Senshi in PGSM. They can be used to contact more than one person at once, and are the PGSM version of Sailor Moon's transforming pen. Each Senshi can use her phone to take a picture of a person (or even a mannequin) and, later, turn her own clothes into the selected outfit.

Moon Crescent Compact In the Codename wa Sailor V manga series it was used to help her form disguises, however in the Sailor Moon manga she still has it and uses it to transform into one of the school girls in Rei's school for their joint exam battle. It is an item that only shows up in the manga and live action. In the anime, the Disguise Pen took its place for one episode where Venus disguised as Sailor Moon.


Tiaras often changed by the transformation in both manga and anime. They generally started off with a gemstone, and then later turned into stars for the manga's last transformation. When the tiara was missing the planetary sign would replace the tiara. Only three tiaras have special abilities.

Princess Tiara / False Tiara[edit]

A decoy Mystical Silver Crystal which Sailor Venus wore in her hair during the early part of PGSM. She had many, in fact, and could cause them to self-destruct.

Thunder and Lightning Antenna[edit]

雷電アンテナ (Raiden Antena) This is an extension of Sailor Jupiter's first tiara. It allow her to do lightning attacks.

Sailor Moon's tiara[edit]

Sailor Moon has had a variety of tiaras during her career as a Sailor soldier. In the manga she had several that often changed when a new ability was needed or a new transformation was acquired. She had more tiaras in the manga than the anime, often with more specialized abilities. The tiaras also changed series to series in the anime. The differences were usually with design. For example, the first tiara she had had a red jewel in the center. Later on it became a moon in the center. Generally all of the tiaras can turn into as a boomerang-esqe weapon in her Moon Frisbee, Moon Tiara Action/Moon Tiara Magic attack(s), her Moon Tiara Boomerang attack and her Moon Tiara Stardust attack. She also uses in her Moon Twilight Flash in the manga.


Naoko Takeuchi intended for all Senshi to wear masks in early designs, however only three Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen ever wore masks.

Mercury Goggles[edit]

Mercury can make VR Goggles appear by pressing a button on her earring. She is able to use the goggles to analyze enemies and find their weak-points. She often uses them in conjunction with her Mini-Computer. In the manga, she can also use it to produce fog.

Sailor Moon's mask[edit]

In her first transformation in the manga, Sailor Moon had a mask that allowed her to see those in danger and the enemies true form. After Act 4 she took them off right after transforming or they just didn't appear. They only appeared once after she acquires her second brooch, in order to see if the people who had been acting strangely were Droids, after Mercury had been captured

Sailor V's Mask[edit]

While Sailor V's mask had no apparent powers, it is notable for even existing.

Tuxedo Kamen/King Endyimon's Mask[edit]

Like Sailor V, his mask had no apparent powers.


Holy Chalice[edit]

Manga In the manga eight of the senshi must be present for the Grails to appear. The senshi required are Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. When they are gathered together they can create two grails: One for Sailor Moon, and one for Sailor Chibi Moon, which they use to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon respectively.

Anime In the anime, it's called the Holy Grail (聖杯 seihai). When the three talismans are combined, they will form the Holy Grail (in the English TV version, "Purity Chalice"), which is used to power up Sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon. However, at first this greatly weakened her, so the Outer Senshi did not believe she was the Messiah. Mistress 9 eventually obtained the Grail and used it to bring Pharaoh 90 to Earth. It was destroyed shortly thereafter.

Toy Merchandise According to Bandai called Rainbow Moon Cálice. It is often confused with the Holy Moon Cálice.

Mercury Harp[edit]

Named in manga act 35; used in the Mercury Aqua Rhapsody attack. Though called a harp, this item is actually a lyre, an instrument associated with the Mercury of Roman myth.

Mars Arrow[edit]

Named in manga act 36; used in the Mars Flame Sniper attack.

Chain Belt[edit]

In the manga and live-action series, it is worn around the waist of Sailor Venus. Used in the Venus Love-Me Chain attack, and its upgrades.

Garnet Rod[edit]

Carried by Sailor Pluto. The Garnet Orb, one of the Talismans, is on the top. She also uses it to open and Close the time-space Door and as a staff like weapon in battle. Its color changes from Silver to Purple depending on the version of the series. It once appeared green as well.

Silence Glaive[edit]

Carried by Sailor Saturn. If she brings it down, she can end the world.

Sailor Star Tambo[edit]

Appears only in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, beginning in Act 26. Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus each receive one from Artemis. Together with Sailor Moon, these items enable the Senshi to use the "Moonlight Attractive Attack" and the "Sailor Planet Attack". Not all of them need be present to use these combined attacks. Only Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury are shown using theirs for named attacks--"Jupiter Thunderbolt" and "Mercury Aqua Storm"--, which are unique to the live-action series. In the final episode and the Special Act, the Tambos are turned into weapons--a Mercury Sword, Jupiter Spear, and Mars and Venus daggers.

Water and Ice Swords[edit]

Swords used by Mercury in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action series. The water sword only appeared once and only defensively. The Ice Sword was used by her during her time as "Dark Mercury". Neither have official names and are called by what they were made from.

Crystal Carillon[edit]

Bell that Chibi Moon used to call on Pegasus for attacks.

Pink Moon Stick[edit]

Sailor Chibi Moon's first Sailor Senshi weapon.

Moon Stick[edit]

Moon uses it to use her Moon Healing Escalation attack. Once she acquires the Silver Crystal it attaches it self to the top and powers up her attack. She also uses in her Moon Twilight Flash in PGSM.

Moonlight Stick[edit]

Sailor Luna's standard weapon from PGSM; she uses it to perform an attack called "Luna Sucre Candy" and can transform it into a butterfly net, paper fan, or golden fan to attack people.

Moon Rod[edit]

By fans called the Cutie Moon Rod, however, this is not supported by the official website or toy packaging. Used by Moon (and Chibi Moon in the manga) to launch her Moon Princess Halation attack. It was given to Sailor Moon by Queen Serenity in the Anime. It breaks in the manga during the finale of the Black Moon arc. pretty sucky

Spiral Heart Moon Rod[edit]

Used by moon to launch the Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, and Rainbow Double Moon Heart Ache attacks. In the dub it is called the Spiral Heart Moon Scepter.

Moon Kaleidoscopes[edit]

Used by moon to launch her Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack
Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope Used by Chibi Moon in the manga and Super S movie to attack with Sailor Moon.

Eternal Tier[edit]

Used by moon to launch her Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss attacks.

Princess Sword/Princess Harp[edit]

An attack item used by Princess Sailor Moon in PGSM. She could use it to defend herself from enemy attacks by absorbing or deflecting them, and also create an energy field to send out a powerful attack. It could also transform into the Princess Harp, that she uses to play for her sorrow, and sometimes to heal people.

Star Yell[edit]

The palm sized star-shaped device used by the Starlights to launch their attacks. It is also sometimes called the Sailor Star Yell. It only appears in the anime. Strangely, each of the points on the star and the gemstones under them are the same colors as those of the Inner senshi and Sailor Moon. Starting at the pink point (First on the right from the top) and going counter clockwise, the colors are in the same order as the appearance order of Moon and the inners.


A Talisman is a special weapon, one of three introduced in the third story arc of the Sailor Moon series. Finding the talisman was a major plot point during this arc because doing so and having the three together would cause the Holy Chalice (Purity Chalice) to appear and hence find a powerful entity called the Messiah. The talisman are within or formed from three pure hearts that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune search for.

The talisman are: the Deep Aqua Mirror, Space Sword and Garnet Orb. The talismans are used by Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto.

Deep Aqua Mirror[edit]

The Deep Aqua Mirror was the first talisman to appear and it belongs to Michiru Kaioh.

It's called the Submarine Mirror in the anime.

Powers The Deep Aqua Mirror has the ability to see through lies and to find enemies' weakness, it can also blast a powerful beam. Together with the other talismans, it can summon the Holy Grail that helps Sailor Moon change to Super Sailor Moon or Hotaru Tomoe into Mistress 9.

Attacks Submarine Reflection, which can see through lies and blast a beam.

Space Sword[edit]

The Space Sword is the second talisman to appear in the series and it belongs to Haruka Tenoh.

Like the Deep Aqua Mirror, the Space Sword was contained within the heart crystal of Sailor Uranus, its searcher. When Neptune was defeated by Eudial, Uranus felt devastated by the action but partially happy because they were able to find the talismans. When Eudial was about to take Uranus' talisman, Usagi appeared and knocked Eudial down a chasm. As Usagi turned around, Uranus was about to shoot herself with Eudial's weapon to make her talisman appear. Usagi fought with her, in a power struggle that Uranus finally won. Uranus proceeded to shoot herself with the gun, causing her talisman, the Space Sword to appear. Usagi is left with the now dead bodies of Uranus and Neptune.

Powers The Space Sword has the apparent power to cut through almost anything. Together with the other talismans, it can summon the Holy Grail that helps Sailor Moon change into Super Sailor Moon, or Hotaru Tomoe into Mistress 9.

Attacks Space Sword Blaster, that can cut trough air and blast a powerful wave, and Space Turbulence.

Garnet Orb[edit]

The Garnet Orb is the last talisman to appear and it belongs to Setsuna Meioh.

When both Neptune and Uranus talisman had appeared, Sailor Pluto showed up carrying her staff and revealed to Eudial, the Inner Senshi, and Usagi that the gem in the top of her staff was the last talisman. With it she separated the heart crystals from Uranus and Neptune's talisman and returned them to their bodies. They immediately woke and invoked the power of the talisman, forming a triangle with Pluto to make the Holy Grail appear.

Powers The Garnet Orb has the apparent power to separate the heart crystal from the talisman, but it's very unlikely that it has a relationship with Pluto's time control powers, as she states that is the staff that allowed her to use that power. Together with the other talismans, it can summon the Holy Grail that help Sailor Moon change into Super Sailor Moon, or Hotaru Tomoe into Mistress 9.

Attacks Chronos Typhoon, a Powerful Typhoon-Like Attack, Garnet Ball, a Ball that can be used for transportation and Galactica Cannon, a combo attack between Saturn and Pluto.

Feather Decoration[edit]

Feather Decoration (羽かざり hane kazari) was used by Sailor Moon. This is actually a hairpin which was used in attack as part of Manga Act 2 to stick some paper to the wall.

Odango Decoration[edit]

Odango Decoration (おだんごかざり odango kazari) is used by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to amplify sound for attack.


Luna P Ball[edit]

Luna-P Ball (ルナPボール Runa-P Boru) The black, cat head-shaped ball that Chibiusa always has with her. She uses it for many different magical feats:

  • Abracadabra Pon! (Manga) Luna-P Henge (anime) — Used to change Luna-P Ball into various items. In the English anime, it was called Kitty Magic.
  • Luna-P Magic! — This is used in the anime to change Luna-P into something innocuous like flowers.
  • Communication - Luna P can be used to talk to the other Senshi.

Space-Time Key[edit]

Space-Time Key (時空のカギ Jikuu no Kagi) allows its user to transport themselves to the door of Space-time.


Used by Galaxia to control those whose star seeds have been removed

Mini Computer[edit]

A wallet sized computer that Ami uses in both her civilian and Senshi form to gather data. It is blue with a yellow symbol of Mercury on the back.

Beryl's Staff[edit]

While the extent of its powers are unknown, the crystal ball atop Queen Beryl's staff seems to have some powers. Energy collected is put into it and, strangely, it can play cassette tapes. The inside appears to be liquidly.


Ofuda (お札 ofuda) are used by Rei Hino to disable opponents and free them from possession. This is an item often used by anime miko. It is once used by Minako in a side story.


Sailor Crystal[edit]

A Sailor Crystal is a special star seed born from the Galaxy Cauldron that is given the power to be the guardian of a planet.

Golden Crystal The Sailor Crystal of Tuxedo Mask. It is in the Dream arc. In the anime SuperS series it is the horn of Pegasus, and does not belong to Tuxedo Mask. Instead, it is wielded by Sailor Chibi Moon in conjunction with others who appeared in the series. In the past it was wielded by Princess Serenity which was shown in a brief eye catch.

Saffer Crystal The Sailor Crystal of Sailor Galaxia. Appears in the fifth arc of the manga, she carries it on her brooch.

Mystical Silver Crystal[edit]

Also Known as the Ginzuishou, the Mystical Silver Crystal is used by the Queens of the Moon Kingdom to protect their people. It later evolves into the Sailor Crystals of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. The Silver Moon Crystal and the Pink Moon Crystal respectively.

Rainbow Crystals In the anime, the Rainbow Crystals belonged to the Seven Great Youma of Queen Beryl. They must be reunited to form the Mystical Silver Crystal.


The "Black Crystal" is a crystal created by Wiseman to oppose the Mystical Silver Crystal.


The "Rose Crystal" It replaces the Golden Crystal in the Sailor Moon Game, "Another Story."


  1. ^ the oracle :: Senshi Information
  2. ^ It was used in the manga and could transform itself into an umbrella. Usagi's disguise in episode 22 includes an umbrella which she uses to float down from that balcony to safety after she's pushed over it.

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