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WikiProject Antarctica
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This WikiProject was formed to foster better articles on the continent of Antarctica with a spirit of cooperation. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on formatting and layout of articles about Antarctica. To participate, simply add your name at the participants section.

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This project covers the creation and maintenance of articles related to the continent of Antarctica, its geology and geologic history, geography, climate, lifeforms, political and scientific history. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Antarctica in a fair and accurate manner.

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The "Antarctican Penguin Barnstar" and "The Antarctica Barnstar" may be awarded to any Wikipedian producing excellent work on Antarctic topics:

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24 May 2009
April 17, 2009 (just created after the publication in Science of a paper by Mikucki et al. (2009) dealing with a rare subglacial microbial community isolated for more than 1.5 Ma in a hypersaline brine imprisoned below the Taylor Glacier)

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