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This is WikiProject Apple Inc., a collaboration area and open group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Apple Inc., its Macintosh and iOS products, and other related topics. WikiProject Apple Inc. welcomes new participants and encourages them to see how they can help.

Extended content
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How to help

Promote the project
  • Join this project! Add yourself to the list, and add the userbox to your page, to advertise the project to people who happen to pass by.
  • Invite people to the project – drop a note on the user talk page of editors working on Apple Inc. topics who aren't project members.
  • Consider promoting the project via the Wikipedia Signpost WikiProject desk.
Improve the project
  • Update the project pages, archive clutter, and make use of the latest automation available
  • Consult the WikiProject Guide for ideas
  • Come up with new ones
Use the project
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One of the best resources for a good Wikipedian is your fellow Wikipedian. Do not be discouraged at a lack of reliable sources or skills, if you know something is essential but you don't know how to communicate it in a high quality encyclopedic fashion. Speak on the Talk page to collaborate and we'll turn Apple lore into real history.

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Improve the bird's eye view

The entire subject and Wikipedia's coverage of it is intended to be summarized in the Outline of Apple Inc. It in turn is part of Wikipedia's outline system which is one of Wikipedia's main contents systems.

Please look it over and fill-in missing topics. If Wikipedia has an article or article section about those topics, please add links to them.

While analyzing the outline, please answer the following questions (and fix the outline as needed):

  1. What's missing?
  2. Is the structure of the outline (sections and indents) representative of the subject?
  3. Does the outline help understand the relationships between the topics presented in the best way possible?

The overall purpose of the outline is to help readers comprehend the subject by showing what belongs to it, and within the subject what belongs to what.

The outline is a taxonomy of the subject, and also serves as a table of contents and navigation aid to browse Wikipedia's articles (and article sections) about the subject.

It is also a useful tool for the WikiProject to analyze, plan, develop, and revise literature-related material. It is a hub from which to organize related topics.

It was built as a "reverse outline", a structural model of an existing work, which in addition to being a summary of the work, can reveal the gaps and other weaknesses for revision purposes.

Please help improve it.

It's our bird's eye view.

Thank you.

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Relative Projects

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Current activity

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If you want to be a participant, simply add {{User|YourUsername}} in the "Active" section below. Please understand that joining a WikiProject is a commitment. Please put {{User WikiProject Apple Inc.}} on your userpage, or at least Category:WikiProject Apple Inc. members, on your userpage, and you may wish to keep a copy of {{Project Apple Inc.}} in your userspace as well. But most importantly, please help us improve articles, especially the current Apple Inc. Collaboration. If you decide to leave, move your name to the appropriate section rather than deleting it so we have it as an archive.


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