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The Outreach Department of WikiProject Apple Inc. is a centralized workarea for project recruitment and member interaction efforts. The major programs currently active are a monthly project newsletter and a welcoming message for new members of the project; additional ideas are always welcome, of course!


The Newsletter is currently active, and should be delivered at the end of each month. However, help is needed, so if any editor would like to help in producing it again, feel free to leave a message at WT:APPLE so we can coordinate production.

Current edition[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Apple Inc./Outreach/Newsletter/Current

Finding members[edit]

  • Any editor who is working significantly on Apple-related topics should be invited with {{subst:Appleinvite}} ~~~~
  • New members are to be welcomed with {{subst:Applewel}} ~~~~
  • A project advertisement exists, the template for which is {{Wikipedia ads|ad=209}}.


WikiProject Mac Logo.png This user is a member of WikiProject Apple Inc.

IRC channel[edit]

WikiProject Apple Inc. maintains an IRC channel at #WikiProject-AppleInc on Freenode. In the future, the project may hold live discussions there. To access the channel from your browser, click here.