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WikiProject Archaeology
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You've arrived at WikiProject Archaeology, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of archaeology on Wikipedia. Here you will (hopefully) find some resources and guidance to help you target your efforts, identify collaborators and get help with improving archaeology related content.

If you're knowledgeable about archaeology but new to Wikipedia we hope to offer friendly help in sharing your expertise. If you're an experienced Wikipedian with an interest in archaeology, we hope to help you find the resources and guidance to ensure your efforts are as good as they can be.



  • To create accessible, academically-sound
    • articles
    • lists
    • categories
  • To ensure that these are
    • factually consistent
    • well cross-linked
    • well organized

Guidance for ensuring quality articles can be found on through the Article development and Manual of style pages

Covering the past:

  • To provide overview articles on the archaeology of:
    • time periods
    • countries and regions
  • To provide articles on all significant archaeological:
    • sites, structures and remains
    • artefacts and material cultures

Covering the discipline:

  • To document key aspects of the discipline's:
    • techniques and methods
    • concepts and historical development
    • institutions and organisations
    • practitioners and other relevant people

You can help![edit]

restored Sutton Hoo helmet after excavation This user is a member of the Archaeology WikiProject

Sign up as a project participant and explain how you'd like to help. You can also add a project infobox to your talk page.