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25 September 2013[edit]

Build 344930aeb4953b6ea417cf1ffb3ce4098d3ec52a on GitHub

The 25 September release brings with it a brand new interface to add WikiProject templates to talk pages, widespread CSD logging, integrated formatgeneral.js cleanup, automatic deletion of redirects in the way of acceptance (admins only), bug fixes, speed improvements, and unicorns.

11 September 2013[edit]

Build b4ff542f24bff86a0af4f5c4b3087283b09848f0 on GitHub
Hotfix, 19 September 2013: Resolve "mark as reviewing" bug

This new release includes a brand new API framework that makes saving edits up to 5 times faster! Your CSD nominations will now automatically be logged to your Twinkle log; additionally, you can use a new button to postpone G13 speedy deletion via AFCH. Plus, CSD tagging improvements, lots of bug fixes, styling wizardry, and a loading screen.

29 August 2013[edit]

Build cd26d7c483b787a54555e5348065f8c05b214374 on GitHub

This release includes new button styling, more submitter options for submit and mark as draft, CSD logging for G13 nominations, a "postpone G13 speedy deletion" button, speed improvements and code optimization, better compatibility with legacy browsers, and lots of bug fixes.

18 August 2013[edit]

Build 7377ae109743caad582fb32d60ea05096d3db280 on GitHub

AFCH, now with 110% more Files for upload reviewing using a new inline reviewing interface! Plus, there are two new buttons available when reviewing article submissions: "submit" and "mark as draft," which do exactly what they sound like (and also have options to automatically pre-fill the submitter field with the page creator or last non-bot editor). The decline rationales are sorted into sections, and if you try to move an accepted article to the mainspace but it is blocked by a redirect, the redirect will automatically be tagged for deletion. G13 tagging! You'll see a button to tag eligible pages for G13 speedy deletion. Finally, the buttons are now context-aware, so, for example, you only see "Accept" if you're on a submission that can actually be accepted.

30 July 2013[edit]

Build f6f9d3b06f384d0d88ea7a4b0a542a72f8c52403 on GitHub
Hotfix, 30 July 2013: rename afcHelper_Redirect_AJAXnumber to afcHelper_AJAXnumber
Hotfix, 31 July 2013: Enable support for gadget-based initialization

This new build includes a functional redirect review script, jQuery integration, access keys, revamped CSD/blanking, deletion log wikilink support, better redirect handling, a brand new submit button, and a bucket full of bugfixes. Note that this build does away with version numbers and instead relies on a combination of dates and GitHub commit hashes.