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Notice to prospective Articles for Creation reviewers

Editors wishing to take part in the AfC process as reviewers, and who meet the criteria listed below, should make an edit request on the talk page to be added to the list.


AfC reviewers must have:

  • a Wikipedia account at least 90 days old.
  • a minimum of 500 undeleted edits to articles.
  • thoroughly read and understood the reviewing instructions.
  • a good understanding of the policies mentioned in the reviewing instructions, including the various special notability categories.

PLEASE NOTE: Usernames of editors who do not meet the first two criteria may be removed from the list by any editor. Editors whose usernames are not on the list are strongly cautioned not to review AfC submissions.

Only users listed on this page will be able to use the AfC helper script.

If you are interested in becoming an AfC reviewer, but do not yet meet the criteria, please do not sign up now, but do come back later when you qualify. In the meantime, you are welcome to familiarize yourself with the process by browsing through the submissions and help pages and observing the work of the reviewers. The reviewers will gladly answer any questions you may have, both before and after you sign up.

          Ask us a question!          

If you participate in this WikiProject please add yourself to the active reviewers list below. Participants who have not carried out any reviews in more than 6 months, or have not edited at all in the last two months, are considered inactive and may be moved to the inactive reviewers list.

The project also has a mailing list. Please add your username to it if you wish to receive the newsletter, invitations to the backlog drives and alerts.

Active reviewers

Please add yourself in alphabetical order.

Inactive reviewers

Users who have not contributed to Wikipedia for over six months are removed from the list.


The following is a list of automated programs (bots) which help to organize and administer the project.

Active bots

Inactive bots

Templates and userboxes

If you are participant in this WikiProject, you can add {{User AfC}}, {{User RfC}}, and/or our topicon at {{User:Hi878/AfC Icon}} to your userpage to list yourself under Category:WikiProject Articles for creation participants, which also provides you with a nice userbox/topicon. There are also {{AFC status}} and {{AfC Defcon}} which will keep you informed about the number of pending submissions. If you are the quiet type, you can just add the category manually.