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Please help fill gaps. If you are interested, though, please read the guidelines at Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles for good suggestions.

This list is from the Australian Dictionary of Biography, and provides links to the original articles. The authors of those articles can be found by following the links.

Not to be confused with the separate Dictionary of Australian Biography which also has a To-Do list at Wikipedia:WikiProject Australia/To-do/Dictionary of Australian Biography.

How to help[edit]

Checking blue links[edit]

  1. Check the destination of blue links, check that blue linked names are the same person as the person described in the ADB.
    1. If the blue link is to a disambiguation page, look for the correct item, and change the link to directly reach that item. If none of the people listed on the disambiguation page are correct, add a distinctive qualifier to the link name (e.g. Firstname Lastname (politician)), and also add a redlink with the same qualifier as an item on the disambiguation list (preferably with the ADB as a citation to ensure that people understand who your redlink is).
    2. If the blue link is to a distinct person, and you do not plan to create an article about the Australian, it is probably not worth setting up a disambiguation page just yet. Instead simply add a qualifier to the link name to turn it into a red link for someone else to fill in.
    3. When all the blue links in a category or page have been checked, add [Blue links checked], to ensure that nobody needs to duplicate your work.
  2. If a blue-linked article is not as good as the ADB, feel free to improve it, or note on this page that the article needs work. Do not copy material from the ADB, it is under copyright.
  3. Please don't remove blue links from the list, they are useful for tracking.

Checking red links[edit]

  1. This list includes pseudonyms, maiden names, middle names, and other long names that might not be the person's most common name.
  2. See if you can find a Wikipedia article about this red-linked person. If you do find one, follow the following steps:
    1. If the name used by the ADB is realistically likely to be used as a search term for the person, create a redirect from it to the location of the article. This can be done by creating a page with the only content being #REDIRECT [[actual article location]]
    2. Adjust the redlink on this list so that it points directly to the article location.
    3. Now it should be a blue link, so the overall progress can be updated.
  3. If there is no Wikipedia article about your subject, feel free to start one. A basic template is given below, but obviously you will want to expand it with information about the person. Remember not to plagiarize the ADB, and remember that it is under copyright. Again, if you create an article, you can update the completion statistics.

Writing new articles[edit]

Turn a red link blue by using an article from the A.D.B. as a source (preferably with others). Ensure that you use your own words, add categories and wikify the content. If you use the dictionary as a source, add the following text to the bottom of the article:

Template for new articles[edit]

'''Firstname Lastname''' ( – ) was an [[Australia]]n


{{Australian Dictionary of Biography |last= "author last name" |first= "author first name" |authorlink= "author article (optional)" |year= "publish year" |id2="Page at ADB excluding leading" |title= "ADB article title" |accessdate= 2017-08-23 }}

{{DEFAULTSORT:Lastname, Firstname}}


A-F (warning, very large file)

G-M (warning, very large file)

N-Z (warning, very large file)

  • A (440) [Blue links checked] [154/440 complete]
  • B (1291)
  • C (1083)
  • D (682)
  • E (209)
  • F (510)
  • G (603)
  • H (940)
  • I (70) [Blue links checked] [17/70 complete]
  • J (253)
  • K (367)
  • L (558)
  • M (1288)
  • N (190) [Blue links checked] [70/190 complete]
  • O (202) [Blue links checked] [62/202 complete]
  • P (476)
  • Q (19) [Blue links checked] [5/19 complete]
  • R (518)
  • S (916)
  • T (414)
  • U (21)  Done [21/21 complete]
  • V (88) [Blue links checked] [16/88 complete]
  • W (704)
  • Y (43)  Done [43/43 complete]
  • Z (23) [Blue links checked [22/23 complete]

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