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The WikiProject on Australian maritime history is a project to organise and improve of articles on the maritime history of Australia and nearby regions.

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To provide guidelines and suggestions for new and existing articles that describe aspects of Australian maritime history.
To improve Wikipedia's coverage of Australian maritime history by creating, expanding, and maintaining articles related to the subject.
To address POV issues and tentative edits in articles within the scope of the project.
To serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to the maritime history of Australia in Wikipedia.
To co-operate and collaborate with the Australian history project


The project generally considers any article related to the prehistory, and history or maritime affairs of Oceania and Australasia to be within its scope.

As a related project to Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian history - to consolidate and link to articles that relate to maritime affairs within Australian history. It would be in tandem in with the Australian history project - but would also co-ordinate the creation of systematic appraisals of coastal shipping, ports, ships and conditions over the Australian history time range.

Geographical boundaries[edit]

The boundaries of the legal limits of the Australian seabed and continental shelf control define one aspect of 'Australian Waters' - however this project also extends to the Indonesian Archipelago, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Pacific Ocean - each of these regions/oceans and their conditions have governed Australian maritime history.

Included Australian states and territories[edit]

With the start up of Australian state Wikiprojects - maritime history project relationship is as a related project.

Project development strategy[edit]

  • To take consideration of the issues raised at Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide
  • Establish Project page in correct format
  • Determine similar Projects from other countries
  • Establish acceptance of the range of articles, and checking Australian articles for tie-ins
  • Determine a strategy for categorising or listing existing articles
  • Establish a notability criteria for: Voyages, Ships, Ports

Standards and notability[edit]

  • Considerable emphasis in this project will be made in referencing and citation usage at the commencement of articles - and hopefully minimal red link usage, to sustain high standards.
  • Refer to Wikipedia:WikiProject History for pre-existing standards
  • In general the articles (or lists) are for the whole of Australia - where the information is state or region specific - the hierarchy is first state, then region within the state.
  • Article assessment is available through - Wikipedia:WikiProject Australia/Assessment

Notability criteria[edit]

In order to maintain a reasonable level of notability for Australian maritime history articles, the minimum inclusion criteria is proposed as follows:

  • Age of sail: made at least one voyage to Australia
  • All other ships: was damaged or sunk with loss of life; or was involved in an incident which was widely reported in the media
  • made a "voyage of discovery" which named at least one notable landmark

Notability requirements[edit]

As part of Wikipedia, our project is required to abide by the notability guideline that apply to all articles. This section does not overrule or

The basic tenent is:

In regards to the notability of people there is an additional criteria (WP:ATHLETE) that states that "people who have competed at the fully professional level of a sport" are "generally notable". However, failure to meet this additional criteria is not conclusive proof that a subject should not be included; conversely, meeting one or more does not guarantee that a subject should be included. Should a person fail to meet this additional criteria, they may still be notable under Wikipedia:Notability.

Article creation[edit]

Articles maintained by this WikiProject are grouped in Category:WikiProject Australian maritime history articles .

They are identfied by using the maritime=yes parameter within the {{WP Australia}} template.

  • Usage: {{WP Australia|maritime=yes}}


A gallery of related images is kept at Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian maritime history/Images. Feel free to expand.


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Recently created/updated articles[edit]

The following Australian maritime history related articles have been recently created or updated:


Please add your name if you are interested in participating in this project.

In addition, participants may wish to add the AMH userbox to their user page by adding: {{User WPAMH}}

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Australian maritime history


Use this section to list any ideas for new articles or articles which need expansion or improvement. Talk pages of existing articles should be tagged with {{WP Australia|maritime=yes}}.

Photos and maps needed[edit]

A Painting of the Salamander (3rd Fleet).



Ships and boats[edit]

Events and incidents[edit]

War time operations[edit]

Need careful checking with Military history project Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Australian military history task force

  • World War I
    • Operations
    • Troop transport

Voyages and routes[edit]

Commercial operations[edit]

Laws and regulation[edit]

  • Customs and excise
  • Illegal fishing activity
  • Industrial issues
  • Services
    • Weather services


  • Archaeology - ANCODS
  • Land with maritime component


  • Heritage New South Wales
  • Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
  • Museum of Tropical Queensland
  • Queensland Maritime Museum
  • South Australian Maritime Museum
  • Maritime Museum of Tasmania
  • Heritage Victoria


  • Services
  • Ships
  • Voyages

Reference materials[edit]

  • Theoretical underpinning of imperial expansions in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Oceans 1600's - 1900's:
    • Headrick, Daniel R. The Tools of Empire: Technology and European Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century New York OUP 1981 ISBN 0-19-512832-5 Parameter error in {{isbn}}: Invalid ISBN.
  • Curtin University (and UWA?) co-sponsored conferences in the 1980's (?) - International Indian Ocean Conferences and also a newsletter - which explored all aspects of Indian Ocean issues.

Australian National Shipwreck Database[edit]

Western Australian Shipwreck Database[edit]

{{Western Australian Shipwrecks Database | name = Hadda | id = 1269}}



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The main category is Category:Maritime history of Australia

The category tree is as follows:


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