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The WikiProject on Australian places is a project aimed towards the standardisation of articles on the cities, towns and suburbs of Australia.

Articles maintained by this WikiProject are grouped in Category:WikiProject Australian places articles by using the place=yes parameter with the {{WP Australia}} template.

Usage: {{WP Australia|place=yes}}


Unassessed articles Requests
Unassessed Australian places articles 10
Australian Capital Territory -
 → Canberra 0
New South Wales 102
 → Sydney 15
 → Riverina 0
Northern Territory 13
South Australia 9
 → Adelaide 2
Tasmania 42
Victoria 64
 → Melbourne 0
 → Geelong 0
Queensland 2
 → Brisbane 0
 → Townsville 0
Western Australia 4
 → Perth 0

This project applies to the eight capital cities their suburbs, regional cities and their suburbs, towns and other communities and settlements with some official endorsement in Australia. Where existing standardisation exists, such as for the "Cities" - actually groupings of suburbs in major cities corresponding to Australian metropolitan local government areas (e.g. City of Unley in South Australia), this project should absorb any existing standards and consensi.

The strong focus of this project, however, is to standardise articles about Australian municipalities for which no standardisation exists. Specifically this means we are targeting communities with a population of less than about 15,000, especially those which aren't already using an "Australian city infobox" or "Australian suburb infobox" template.

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Parentage and descendants[edit]

Parent project(s): WikiProject Australia (a child of WikiProject Countries)

Descendant project(s): 6 pre-existing WikiProjects for capital cities of Australia; 3 other Australian city projects (see also: Category:WikiProject Australian cities); 1 Australian region-level project; 7 Australian state-level projects

Australian state-level projects:
Australian state-level project not yet started:
Australian capital city projects:
Australian region-level project:
Australian regional cities projects:

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General strategy and discussion forums[edit]

Pre-existing standards and consensi:

  • We have previously named almost all Australian towns and cities in the format: Town/city name, State name (e.g. Nowra, New South Wales). There are various exceptions such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra (Darwin would also qualify by Australian rules, but leads to a disambiguation page due to global use). Note that as of November 2010, this policy is under dispute (see this discussion) and subsequently many articles on Australian towns and non-capital cities have been moved to more concise titles (eg Wagga Wagga).
  • Where the town/city name has or is likely to have other uses, a link from the appropriate disambiguation page should be made (eg. Darwin contains a link to Darwin, Northern Territory, and Kingston contains links to several Australian towns).
  • A redirect from Town/city name should be made whenever the name by itself does not presently require disambiguation (eg Nowra redirects to Nowra, New South Wales) and from Town/city nickname if it's extremely common (eg. Wagga).
  • Where the Town/city, State name format still has conflicts (such as Springfield, Victoria and Springfield, Victoria (Macedon Ranges)) add a regional term to the secondary location. Often this can be the local government area; but a more general term may be necessary when the less notable one spans multiple LGAs.


  1. to be added

Place term definitions[edit]

  • Territory — a region of Australian land directly administered by the Commonwealth government
  • Territory (state) — a territory of Australia which is mainly treated like a state; refers only to either Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory which are administered by state-level governments; or possibly Norfolk Island; see: States and territories of Australia
  • Local Government Area, LGA, City (council), Rural city, Town (council), District (council), Region/Regional (council), Shire, Borough, Municipality/Municipal council, Community government council, Aboriginal council, Island council, Area — a bounded area of land administered at a local-level government (the third level of government in Australia); the land of states is typically sectioned completely into LGAs; see Local Government Area
  • Electoral division — federal electorate; see Divisions of the Australian House of Representatives
  • Electoral district — a state-level electorate (e.g. Morphett)
  • Landmark

Populated places:

  • City, Regional city — in common understanding, a metropolis in Australia (e.g. Sydney)
  • Town — in common understanding, a densely-populated place which isn't a city; see Town#Australia for official meaning

Geographical features:

  • Ocean
  • River
  • Lake
  • Mountain
  • Valley, Glen


  • {{WP Australia}} - used on article talk pages to identify and assess Australian place name articles. Remember to add place=yes to automatically group the article into the WikiProject.


Stub templates[edit]

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Useful Resources[edit]

These are useful online resources to find information for articles.


Placename information
General Data
LGA National
Area Statistics from the ABS
  • 2011 Census - select State Suburb, Local Government Area or Statistical Local Area.
  • 2006 Census - select State Suburb, Local Government Area or Statistical Local Area.
  • 2001 Census - select Urban Centre/Locality, State Suburb, Local Government Area or Statistical Local Area

Australian Capital Territory[edit]

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New South Wales[edit]

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Northern Territory[edit]

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General Data

South Australia[edit]

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South Australia History
Manning Index
Flinders Ranges Research


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Western Australia[edit]

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Australian Antarctic[edit]

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Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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