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For complete lists of what is left to do, see the following sub pages or the links to each club's full player list or the lists of players by year of debut.

  • ToDo for a list of AFL/VFL players who played in multiple seasons & do not seem to have a page (long, over 3500 names).
  • ToDo single season for a list of AFL/VFL players who only played in a single season & do not seem to have a page (long, almost 2800 names).
  • ToDo counter, an infrequently manually updated count of how many players remain without pages.

For players from the early years of the VFL who didn't play many games, nor win any awards, it may be preferable to only list them on disambigation pages or only as a redirect to the list of club players, rather than creating individual player pages. The current preferrence, however, is to still create dedicated pages for each player.

Article naming[edit]

Where there is already another person of the same name with an article, the preferred disambiguation method is:

  1. John Citizen (footballer), unless there is another footballer (of any code, even rugby) with the same name
  2. John Citizen (Australian footballer), unless there is another Australian footballer of any code with the same name
  3. John Citizen (Australian rules footballer), unless there are multiple Australian rules footballers with the same name
  4. John Citizen Jr. and John Citizen Sr., if that is the common way of differentiating between father and son with the same name
  5. John Citizen (footballer, born 1900), unless there are multiple footballers of the same name and birth year, then (Australian footballer, born 1900) or (Australian rules footballer, born 1900) should be considered
  6. John R. Citizen, middle initials should only be used if they are well known (and commonly used), or all other options remain ambiguous.

Using (AFL footballer), (VFL footballer), (Collingwood footballer) or similar is discouraged. If in doubt, ask at the project talk page.

Approximate counter[edit]

Club # of Players Approx # of player
articles created
 % Complete
Adelaide 215 218 100%
Brisbane Bears 143 145 100%
Brisbane Lions 194 197 100%
Carlton 1188 1191 100%
Collingwood 1144 1147 100%
Essendon 1150 1153 100%
Fitzroy 1156 1158 100%
Fremantle 201 204 100%
Geelong 1071 1075 100%
Gold Coast 97 100 100%
GWS 83 86 100%
Hawthorn 917 920 102%
Melbourne 1335 1338 100%
North Melbourne 1006 1009 102%
Port Adelaide 169 172 100%
Richmond 1153 1156 100%
St Kilda 1589 1592 100%
Sydney 1411 1414 101%
University 112 115 100%
West Coast 234 238 100%
Western Bulldogs 1000 1003 100%


  1. The Approx # of player articles created and % Complete columns use the pages in category function, which may include lists, representative teams or junior players, that aren't included in the number of actual players, hence the approximate nature of the count.
  2. # of players is correct as of the end of the 2017 AFL season
  3. Players who played for more than one club are counted multiple times in the above list





Other AFL personalities[edit]

AFL Television Programs[edit]


Best and fairest awards[edit]

Brownlow Medal[edit]

100.00% finished
(1924 – present) 88/88 Brownlow Medals

Brownlow Medal winners[edit]

100% started
(1924 – present) 88 Brownlow Medal winners

Leading Goalkicker/Coleman Medal[edit]

100% started
(1897 – present)

Norm Smith Medal winners[edit]

100% started
(1979 – present) 28 Norm Smith Medal winners

Michael Tuck Medal winners[edit]

100% started
(1992 – 2013) 22 Michael Tuck Medal winners

AFL Rising Star[edit]

100% started
(1993 – present)

AFL Rising Star winners[edit]

100% started
(1993 – present) 23 AFL Rising Star winners

Mark of the Year[edit]

Progress: Many details 1987 & earlier required

- I tried writing to Channel 7 for Goal and Mark of the Year (since I think it was run by them prior to about 2000), but got no response. BartBart 14:14, 15 July 2007 (UTC)

Goal of the Year[edit]

Progress: Many details 1991 & earlier required; 1999 winner appears to be disputed.

Grand Finals[edit]

100% started
(1898 – present) 117 VFL/AFL Grand Finals

Australian Football Hall of Fame[edit]


  • Legends: 19 out of 19 articles started (100%)
  • Players: 139 out of 139 articles started (100%)
  • Umpires: 11 out of 11 articles started (100%)
  • Media: 8 out of 8 articles started (100%)
  • Coaches: 14 out of 14 articles started (100%)
  • Administrators: 12 out of 12 articles started (100%)

(note: many are still stubs requiring work)

AFL draft[edit]

100% started
(1981 – 1982; 1986 – present) 32/32 VFL/AFL Drafts
100% started
(1981 – 1982; 1986 – present) 32/32 number one overall Draft picks



See Football (Australian rules) positions


We need photographs of players, perhaps some that you have taken yourself.

Other Wikipedia lists of footballers[edit]

Indigenous Football players (VFL/AFL Players (1904-Present)[edit]

AFL website source co Aboriginal Football Records

using: Category:Australian Rules footballers & Category:Indigenous Australian sports people

Adelaide Football Club[edit]

Brisbane Bears Football Club[edit]

(Became Brisbane Lions)

Brisbane Lions Australian Football Club[edit]

Carlton Football Club[edit]

Collingwood Football Club[edit]

Essendon Football Club[edit]

Fitzroy Football Club[edit]

(Later Merged With Brisbane)

Footscray Football Club[edit]

(Renamed Western Bulldogs)

Fremantle Football Club[edit]

Geelong Football Club[edit]

Hawthorn Football Club[edit]

Melbourne Football Club[edit]

North Melbourne Football Club[edit]

(Dropped 'North Melbourne' In The Mid-90s, returned for 2008)

Port Adelaide Football Club[edit]

Richmond Football Club[edit]

South Melbourne Football Club[edit]

(Renamed Sydney Swans)

St Kilda Football Club[edit]

Sydney Swans[edit]

(Formerly South Melbourne)

West Coast Eagles Football Club[edit]

Western Bulldogs Football Club[edit]

(Formerly Footscray)