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The WikiProject Australian sports is a project to better organise information in articles related to sport in Australia.

Articles maintained by this WikiProject are grouped in Category:WikiProject Australian sports articles by using the sports=yes parameter within the {{WP Australia}} template. Articles more relevant to descendant projects use their own parameters. sports-importance={top|mid|high|low} can be used to rate the importance of the article to the WikiProject.

Usage: {{WP Australia|sports=yes|sports-importance=???}}


Project Unassessed
Unassessed Australian sports articles 27
Australian Rules 0
Baseball 3
Basketball 0
Football (Soccer) 22
Gridiron 0
Motorsport 1

The scope of this project includes any articles related to sport in, of or by Australia.

Topics that fall within this scope include:

  • Leagues, Racing administration boards, sports governing bodies.
  • Major competitions and races.
  • Sporting clubs, teams, associations.
  • Stadiums, racecourses and sporting locations.
  • Players, coaches, executives, media personalities, horse trainers, jockeys, horses, etc.

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The descendant WikiProjects are :

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Active (at least one edit in 30 days)[edit]

  • Karyasuman - mostly Cricket, particularly focussing on Big Bash League at the moment
  • Alza08 - Football (soccer), cricket, Rugby, AFL, tennis
  • Chuq - Football (soccer), cricket, various meta pages (naming, tables, maps, etc)
  • DaGizza - Cricket, Rugby, AFL, hockey, tennis (for the moment)
  • DaHuzyBru - Basketball
  • Figaro - Olympics, Commonwealth Games
  • Hawkeye7 - Roller Derby
  • HiLo48 - Almost any sport, with more emphasis on the Aussie Rules side of the Barassi Line
  • Ianblair23 - Olympics, Commonwealth Games, swimming, Rugby League
  • Macosal - Football (soccer), cricket, tennis, swimming, rugby union, several others
  • Moondyne - Cricket, AFL, Hockey, Swimming, Olympics, national and state teams, historical figures
  • NickGibson3900 - Athletics, Olympics and Crciket
  • Perry Middlemiss - Cricket, AFL
  • Sellyme - Pretty much everything, but mostly AFL and soccer.
  • Sportygeek - Paralympic sport, swimming, triathlon (and paratriathlon)

Inactive users[edit]


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