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Establishing notability[edit]

As noted in Wikipedia:Notability, a topic is presumed to be notable if it has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.

Previous guidance was at Wikipedia:Notability (aircraft) (now inactive). Wikipedia:Notability (Transportation)#Airlines is a proposed guideline for discussion. This essay is the closest thing this project has to a current guideline.

In particular, the following types of topics will almost always have sufficient coverage to qualify:

  • Recipients of a country's highest military decoration.
  • Aviation accidents resulting an loss of life.
  • All airline companies.

Guidelines by subject[edit]


Aircraft types will almost always be notable. Aircraft subtypes and variants may rarely be so notable as to justify forking from the main article. Aircraft types currently or once under development may be notable. Individual aircraft will very seldom be notable.



Aviation accidents[edit]

Guidelines by article type[edit]


  • List-class articles are exempt from notability requirements. Entries listed inherit notability from their own articles. Some particularly long lists have specific added notability requirements in order to keep lists to a manageable length, for example WP:ADL excludes general aviation and military aviation accidents.