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At present, this is an early working draft for correctly naming airport articles. It is incomplete and suggestions may change as consensus develops.

When creating airport articles, redirects should be created from any additional names that the airport may be known as. Check to see if other airports have the same name, which is quite common if you use a common name like Tri-Cities Airport or Tri-City Airport. Be aware that many airport articles do not yet exist so doing a search on Wikipedia for other airports with the same name can produce misleading results.

For ambiguous terms, such as San Jose Airport, create dab pages.


  1. Consider the wikipedia naming conventions including Wikipedia:Naming conventions (precision) and Wikipedia:Naming conventions (common names). For recognizability, typically include the word airport in the article name.
  2. Try to avoid long and unwieldy names like Dakar-Yoff-Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport; in many cases the commonly used name is shorter than the official long name.
  3. Choose a name that is commonly used and is precise so that a dab is not needed.
  4. If using a disambiguation title, follow Wikipedia:Article titles policy and use WP:NATURAL disambiguation where possible - if not, use comma-separated disambiguation over parentheses, using a higher-level administrative division such as Jackson County Airport, North Carolina.[disputed ].