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The Challenge
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Bacon Challenge 2012
June 14, 2011 - March 1, 2012
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The Bacon WikiCup
Bacon WikiCup 2012

Welcome to the Bacon Challenge 2012! The Bacon Challenge is an annual celebration of bacon on Wikipedia in which editors come together to help create, expand, and improve Wikipedia's coverage of bacon. The Challenge is open to any editor, and editors can sign up at any point during the Challenge. This year's Challenge started on June 14, 2011, and will last all the way up until National Pig Day, 2012. So get your frying pans out and get cookin'!

The Participants[edit]


The folks who are participating in the Challenge (feel free to sign up at any time!):


The chaps and lasses who would rather just sit back and watch the Challenge unfold:

Rjeng2000 (talk) 03:51, 10 December 2011 (UTC) The most interesting man in the world (talk) 00:42, 30 March 2012 (UTC)


If you wish to express your love of the Bacon Challenge 2012, you may place this userbox on your userpage.

Bacon barnstar.png This user participated in the Bacon Challenge 2012.

Code to use: {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Bacon/Bacon Challenge/2012/Userbox}}

Bacon WikiCup 2012[edit]

The Bacon WikiCup 2012, modeled after the Wikipedia WikiCup, is a side event to the Bacon Challenge 2012. In the Bacon WikiCup, all bacon-related contributions done by those participating in the Challenge are submitted here, after which they are scored in a competition to see who can create, expand, and improve the most bacon-related content on Wikipedia. Upon the ending of the Challenge, the Bacon Wikicup 2012 Trophy will be awarded to the contributor with the most points. Awards will be given out to the users who contribute the most in specific categories. Finally, all contributors will receive a medal for their efforts.

All participants in the Challenge will automatically be added to the Bacon WikiCup - simply sign up above.

Things to Work On[edit]

Need ideas? Here are some things for you to take a look at if you are at loss for what to work on. Note that the topics provided may or may not be notable, so do be sure to check that a topic is notable and can be reliably sourced before making an article for it. Feel free to expand this list!



Bacon makers, distributors and companies[edit]


  • Bacon Apps - yea, um, I suggest you move on to the next choice.
  • Bacon bath salts - err, you might wanna skip this one, too, unless you think you can pull it off...
  • Bacon in popular culture - currently a redirect to bacon mania, which isn't really the same thing. Everyone on Wikipedia loves "popular culture" articles and they're always embraced for their inherent encyclopedic quality![2]
  • Bacon is revolting!
  • List of domestic pig breeds - this list contains many redlinks (and yes, domestic pig breeds are considered to be bacon-related for the sake of the Bacon WikiCup).

Bacon related article subjects needing adoption[edit]