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Please post articles lacking images and requests for specific images below.

Remember to remove when the request has been filled!

Articles needing images[edit]

Requests for specific images[edit]

If it's a technique photo you're requesting, please be specific.

  • Ballet needs a photo to place at the top that clearly personifies the art form.
  • En pointe needs a good closeup picture of someone en pointe in a technically perfect and visually attractive position. In fifth or fourth position, perhaps, or in an échappé. Preferably from the front or the side.
  • Barre (ballet) could use an image of a barre, as well as someone at the barre. Standing, arms en bas or à la seconde perhaps, leg tendu? Plié? Whatever looks best.
  • Ballet tutu needs a photograph that focuses on the costume (needs to be more of a close-up than the current one, and (hopefully) needs to be of someone displaying correct technique)