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This is a collective list of the general resources that are available to different members of this WikiProject. If you see any which may help source an article you are working on, please feel free to ask the editor who has it for help. While listing resources, you may find the {{cite book}} and other cite templates useful.

The format is as follows:
  • Resource
    • Editor(s) who have it

  • Barringer, Janice; Schlesinger, Sarah (2004) [1998]. The Pointe Book (2nd ed.). Hightstown, NJ: Princeton Book Company, Publishers. ISBN 0-87127-261-X. 
  • Grant, Gail (1982) [1950]. Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet (3rd ed.). New York: Dover Publications. ISBN 0-486-21843-0. 
  • The Encyclopaedia of Dance & Ballet. Rainbird Reference Books LTD. 1977. ISBN 0-907408-63-X. 
  • Grieg, Valerie (1994). Inside Ballet Technique: separating anatomical fact from fiction in the ballet class. Hightstown, NJ: Princeton Book Publishers, Company. ISBN 0-87127-191-5. 
  • Vaganova, A. (1969). Basic principles of classical ballet. Dover Publications, Inc. ISBN 0-486-22036-2. 
  • Beaumont, C. (1975). Theory and practice of classical theatrical dancing (méthode Cecchetti). Dover Publications, Inc. ISBN 0-486-23223-9.