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Welcome to the Basic Income WikiProject! This group aims to improve the coverage of topics related to basic income in Wikipedia. One of the main goals of this project is to bridge the gap between researchers who have been publishing about basic income and the general public, while simultaneously improving the number of authoritative references in the articles covering basic income-related topics.

Another main goal is to allow inter-Wikipedia cooperation in improving and equalizing the coverage of basic income articles across the main Wikipedias (similar to WikiProject Intertranswiki).


Add your username below if you want to take part in this effort! You may also want to add {{User WikiProject Basic Income}} to your userpage to advertise your interest in the topic and help spread the word about the project.

A special welcome to new editors![edit]


Our initial assessment is complete, so our main tasks at the moment are:

1. Update and expand Stub articles
2. Create missing articles from the overview page. In progress...
3. Create missing articles from the List of basic income models.
4. Check the Wikiproject Basic Income watchlist for recent changes, revert vandalism, and thank other editors who are improving our articles.
5. Assess new articles with the project banner (listed here) for quality and importance, by filling the class= and importance= parameters of the {{WikiProject Basic Income}} banner in their talk pages.
  • The importance can be "Top", "High", "Mid" or "Low" (use your own judgment).
  • The class (quality) can be "A" (excellent), "B" (good), "C" (acceptable), "Start" (very basic, needs improvement) or "Stub" (extremely short, e.g. one or two paragraphs only).
    Again, this is a subjective assessment, but if you want, there is a page describing in more detail common interpretations of what each class means.

If you have any suggestions or questions about how to get started, feel free to leave a message in the talk page or join the associated Facebook group where further discussion and coordination occurs.

Progress overview[edit]

As assessment is completed (see log of changes), the table below will provide a "quality versus importance" distribution overview for the articles covered by this project:

Basic Income
 Top   High   Mid   Low   ???  Total %
Quality   GA 1 1 2 3%
B (good) 1 4 5 8%
C (acceptable) 3 7 1 1 5 17 26%
Start 1 4 3 1 18 27 42%
Stub 5 1 6 12 18%
List 1 1 2%
Unassessed 1 1 2%
Total 5 16 6 4 35 65 100%
 % of Total 8% 25% 9% 6% 54% 100%

(direct link to table | force update)

See also the overview page, which provides a complete list of articles covered by the project, and whether they exist in Wikipedias in several languages.





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