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This provisional page intends to serve as draftboard for the future Basque Portal.
It will be deleted as soon as the portal is created

Basque people[edit]

See also Category:Basque, for whatever I may have left out.

History of the Basque Country[edit]

Prehistory of the Basque Country[edit]

(can be extracted from the corresponding section of Basque people)

Basque Country in the Roman period[edit]

Duchy of Vasconia[edit]

Kingdom of Navarre[edit]

History of Basque navigation[edit]

(see references in the history section of the article Labourd and others)

Basque Country under Castile, Spain and France[edit]

Basque law[edit]

Geography of the Basque Country[edit]

Basque Country (historical territory)[edit]

Languages of the Basques[edit]


Basque culture[edit]

Basque cinema[edit]


Basque politics[edit]

Political parties of Basque Country[edit]

Labour unions of the Basque Country[edit]

Violence in the Basque Country[edit]


Basque diaspora[edit]

Basque music[edit]