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Welcome to the Luton SubWikiProject. To keep the main WikiProject page tidy, this is a page to organise work on Luton related articles.

See the Luton category to find relevant pages, and also see the list on this page.

To do[edit]

  • Get the Luton article to Good Article status
    • Fill in gaps in history
    • Make parts of the article less list-like, particularly Culture section
    • Potentially combiner small sub-sections
    • Flesh out the lede
    • Rewrite old religion section into a small, balanced subsection
    • Rewrite shopping section with sources
    • Talk about the hospital, Luton Culture, infrastructure investment, etc.
  • Improve sub-articles
    • Add more detail to ward/area sub-articles
    • Remove pointless references to newspapers, especially defunct ones
    • Update MP references - no longer Labour
    • Add recent history in History of Luton
    • Generally fix punctuation and formatting
  • Images
    • All images used should be free
    • Make free alternate Coat of Arms image
    • All images should have alt text and be a consistent size
    • Generally replace poor quality images with nicer and higher res alternatives where possible
    • Replace old ward map with nicer alternative
    • Portal thumbnail image
  • All articles should have...
    • A short description
    • The Luton template
    • A link to a commons category if there is one
    • Link to Luton portal



This should be on every Luton-related article. Add any important articles to it, but keep the groups and subgroups from getting too crowded.

Commons and portal[edit]

Add these where appropriate.


There's now a Luton userbox - {{User:OliverGalvin/Luton/Userbox}}

Luton!This user is a Lutonian.


The Wikimedia Commons page and category has been improved a lot, images have been subcategorised and the top level Luton category is a lot tidier. Help keep it tidy! Categorise images appropriately, create new subcategories when necessary, and add some good new images!

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