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Welcome to WikiProject Big 12 Conference!

Welcome to WikiProject Big 12 Conference. We are a board of editors committed to the proper exposition of information about the Big 12 college athletic conference throughout Wikipedia. Our primary goal is to research and provide the most accurate and detailed information about the Big 12 and its history, member institutions, people, places, culture, lore and season. This mission is accomplished in our writing without regard for our personal biases, professing an obedience to neutrality in language, ideas and thoughts while respecting the diversity of opinions on each article subject. Our end is to educate all visitors to this academic and encyclopedic forum. Through the creation of WikiProject Big 12, we aspire to improve and coordinate the efforts of subordinate projects such as WikiProject University of Oklahoma, WikiProject Mizzou (University of Missouri), WikiProject University of Texas at Austin, WikiProject Texas A&M, and WikiProject Texas Tech among others.

Location of Big 12 Institutions.

If you are interested in participating in this ambitious and important work, we encourage you to join our board of editors and consider this your principal resource center for conference-related articles. To participate in this WikiProject, please list your user information below. After you have done that, browse through the subpages and to-do lists provided and choose a project you can take upon yourself. You may also want to start a project of your own. Further inquiries about WikiProject Big 12 will be welcomed on the discussion page.

Participants Active participants[edit]

Participation in WikiProject Big 12 is open to all people with Wikipedia user accounts. Participants need not be Big 12 state residents. Project participants are listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Big 12 Conference/Members. Add your name and join us! Signing the link will automatically add your name to the box below.

  1. Grey Wanderer - alumni of the University of Missouri and resident of Columbia, Missouri.
  2. NMajdan Admin mop.PNG - alumni of the University of Oklahoma
  3. Ryan2845 - alumni of the University of Kansas
  4. Voltin - current student of Texas Tech University
  5. Oldag07 - former student and graduate of Texas A&M University.
  6. DUKyleXY - graduate of Iowa State University and originally from Nebraska
  7. NThomas - current student at Texas Tech University
  8. Wordbuilder - supporter of Texas Tech University
  9. BQZip01 - former student/graduate of Texas A&M University.19
  10. Paulmcdonald - Band Geek at Kansas State University, 88-1992.
  11. Jaretac - Former student and employee of Iowa State University and Iowa State University Athletics
  12. Dcheagle-supporter of the University of Oklahoma
  13. Cottletj - Alumni of Oklahoma State University and resident of Stillwater, Oklahoma
  14. Kobra98 - current student of the University of Oklahoma
  15. CardinalAndGold - alumni of Iowa State University



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  • This WikiProject has a two-fold mission. It primarily aims to provide information on the Big 12 college athletic conference. Its secondary aim is to establish and document community guidelines and naming conventions for all Wikipedia articles dealing with same.

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The Big 12-related articles listed below were chosen by election of Wikipedians to be a featured article on the main page of Wikipedia. Featured articles are deemed to be of excellent quality and are considered the best works produced by Wikipedians. To nominate another Big 12-related article to become one of the featured articles, put it up for a vote at the featured articles candidate page.

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